The single family house is placed on a very long and narrow plot in Weinviertel in the north of Vienna.

Studio Name: Juri Troy Architects
Area: 222 m2 (net living area)
Year: 2019
Location: Unterolberndorf, Austria
Photography Credits: Juri Troy

U house By Juri Troy Architects - Sheet1
©Juri Troy

The layout is characterized by its u-shaped form to generate a private interior patio that is closed towards the street and open to the garden. All the living areas are orientated to the patio, which is vegetated with woodbine as a quote to the nearby wine region.

U house By Juri Troy Architects - Sheet3
©Juri Troy

The height increases from one story at the southeast to two stories at the west end of the building. This protects the patio from wind coming from the west and at the same time allows the sun to enter the living areas from the south.

U house By Juri Troy Architects - Sheet4
©Juri Troy

Like the surrounding typical “Kellergassen”-houses the building has a green roof that helps the climate control. The building structure is made of 50cm thick walls of brick that work as a thermal mass.


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