Sitting amongst 25 other bungalows, T House was conceptualized to be a modern reference for mid-century modern architecture to be as timeless as possible. The T shape caters the services in the central part of T and flanges all the living rooms on its 3 sides, hence the term T House. Kalpak R Shah, principal architect of Studio Course believes the entire envelope has to speak the same story to convey an expression.

Project name: T House
Principal Architect: Kalpak Shah
Architect’s Firm: Studio Course
Architect’s Website:

Studio Course Address:  3rd Floor, 243, Budhwar Peth, Shivaji road, above Ganesh Stores, oppo. Datta Mandir, Pune: 411002, Maharashtra, India.

Project location: South Gujarat, India.
Completion Year: 2020
Gross Built Area: 500 Sq.M.
Text credits: Prachi Patel
Photo credits: Fabien Charuau

T-House By Studio Course - Sheet3
©Fabien Charuau

Kalpak Shah speaks of simplistic minimal designs that should cater to its context, understanding the sustainable material palette formed by a particular technique with intent to solve.

T-House By Studio Course - Sheet1
©Fabien Charuau

The idea central to Studio Course is to design everything precisely, right from the architecture to interiors to furniture to finer details of joinery. Details make the design and design makes the details. Only when these ideas converge together, forms an object born with values.

T-House By Studio Course - Sheet7
©Fabien Charuau

The T House is an amalgamation of custom designed furniture, sustainable reclaimed teak wood, natural granite- kota stone, natural bass– copper metals, louvered windows, lime plastered walls, fluted glass, woven rattan and Danish cord wicker works.


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