To fulfill this wish, all the paths and the existing pool will be removed. A new elevated platform is proposed at the level of the house, leaving the new pool in contact with the interior and participating much more in the common spaces and views. Some new accesses are integrated into the new platform.

Studio Name: Serrano + Baquero
Design Team: Juan Antonio Serrano
Area: 150 sqm
Year: 2016
Location: Almería
Photography Credits: Serrano+Baquero

Three Wishes for My House By Serrano + Baquero - Sheet2

The garden will be treated as a single element, so that it is continuous around the house and is thus perceived from the inside.


To fulfill this wish, all the sloping roofs will be removed and their space will be used to form a 60cm deep flooded roof.

Three Wishes for My House By Serrano + Baquero - Sheet4

We will create a space for contemplation of the landscape, which will be reflected, equipped with two exterior platforms equipped with an intermediate auxiliary kitchen. This new roof will also provide greater thermal insulation to the house. The new tower that introduces light into the house will house the installations on its roof.

Three Wishes for My House By Serrano + Baquero - Sheet5


To fulfill this wish, all the colored moldings and superimposed decoration of the current house will be removed. The white walls will be left and the perimeter will be regularized, extending some rooms, relocating and resizing some windows, so that the house is perceived in a more unitary way and can enjoy the garden, the views and the water in a more adequate way. The common areas become a glass box protected from the sun in such a way that a much more intense relationship between the exterior and the interior can be generated.


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