The house is located on a plot parallel to the contour line, as well as a number of historical houses from the surroundings. Thanks to the “glazed barn”, the longitudinal layout is divided into two main volumes, namely the residential “white house” and the “black house” with facilities.

Studio name: DDAANN
Design team: Daniel Rohan, Daniel Baudis
Area: 178 m2
Year: 2021
Location: Central Bohemian Region, Czech Republic
Photography credits: visualization by DDAANN

Glass Barn House By DDAANN architekti - Sheet3
visualization by DDAANN

The situation of the land and the suitable location of the long linear structure maximazes the views of the open hilly landscape, but on the other hand reduces the level of light in the interior.

The “glass barn” separates the two solids, creates a covered terrace and thanks to it, the sun rays get inside the layout. The main living space gains in the atmosphere and is even more connected to the exterior both in summer and in the colder months.

Glass Barn House By DDAANN architekti - Sheet4
visualization by DDAANN

The “white house” is connected to the covered terrace by an open truss of the gabled roof, under which there is a living area with a dining room and a kitchen. It is connected to the entrance hall and toilet, on the other side is a hallway, bathroom, children’s room and parents’ facilities. It is designed as two separate rooms with separate entrance to the bathroom. The division of the rooms is solved using built-in furniture.

The “black House” consists of a study, which can also be used to accommodate guests, and a spa area with a sauna, which is connected to the outdoor swimming pool. There is also a indipendently accessible workshop.

Glass Barn House By DDAANN architekti - Sheet5
visualization by DDAANN

The whole program of the house is contained on the lower floor with an open truss. The elevated space is used only by the utility room above the bathroom and the raised floor in the workshop above the sauna. The house is accessible from one level throughout the complex. There is a porch on both sides of the house, connecting the house with the terrain. In the north it is extended by a exterior terrace, in the south it solves the height difference at the entrance to the house.

Covered parking space is located in the southeast with a new entrance to the plot.


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