Max Estates presents an array of residences at 222 Rajpur – orchard apartments, townhouses, courtyard villas and forest villas. All residences are carefully planned to ensure a seamless flow of space, light and view.

Site Area: 22,713 sq. m.
Built Area: 8,727 sq. m.
Year: 2018
Christine Mueller
Pankaj Vir Gupta
Photography Credits: Randhir Singh, Fabien Charuaru

Max Estates Housing By vir.mueller architects - Sheet2
©Randhir Singh, Fabien Charuaru

Spectacular views of the Malsi Reserve Forest and Mussoorie Hills can be enjoyed from the terraces and balconies as well as the high ceilinged, light filled rooms.

Max Estates Housing By vir.mueller architects - Sheet4
©Randhir Singh, Fabien Charuaru

Taking advantage of the natural beauty of the site, the architecture at 222 Rajpur encompasses both indoor and outdoor living. Materials and construction technology have been selected for resilience and environmental harmony.

Max Estates Housing By vir.mueller architects - Sheet5
©Randhir Singh, Fabien Charuaru

The singular focus of the design of the residences stems from the core values of Max Estates – the wellness of our residents.


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