A single family house sits in a low density residential area along a small river. Since the site has been flooded sometimes in case of heavy rain, we raised the ground and situated the single story house at the center of the rectangular site to keep a garden to the west and a parking garage facing to the east street.

Studio Name: NKS2 architects
Design Team: Kaoru Suehiro + Noriko Suehiro + Hiroyuki Sato
Site area:743.81m2
building area: 331.90m2
total floor area: 305.03m2
Year: 2015
Location: kumamoto kumamoto-shi
Photography Credits: Kouji Okamoto

Honeycomb Frame House By NKS architects - Sheet1
©Kouji Okamoto

According to the rather flexible and intimate lifestyle of the family, we decided to create a continuous and flowing interior space with characteristic places in it. By contrast of the square and ridged concrete perimeter of the building, inserted steel honeycomb like frames define each cell with indefinite boundaries, which sometimes filled with glass sheets or wooden panels. Structurally the steel frames support all the vertical loads, as the concrete walls resist against all the seismic load. All the steel frames are made of 9mm-steel-sheets. Thin pillars made at each joint line of frames with Y-shape section work against buckling.

Honeycomb Frame House By NKS architects - Sheet2
©Kouji Okamoto

In order to create cosy places with intimate scale without disturbing the spatial flow of the whole interior, we inserted the floating ceiling panels under the skylights at the middle of the general roof hight. The ceiling panels also create thermal buffer spaces on them which control the direct sunlight and ventilate the excess heat in summer. The highly efficient air conditioning machines situated under the flooring compose the air floor heating system, which is particulaly effective in winter.

Honeycomb Frame House By NKS architects - Sheet3
©Kouji Okamoto

Owing to the thin pillars aligning on the hexagonal geometry and the natural light condition from the sky, we aimed to create an atmosphere like in a forest, which can coexist with the natural environment.


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