The project is developed based on the terrain characteristic, quite uneven (with dimensions differences reaching 16m high) and the solar orientation. It is intended that the building participates in the surroundings and does not impose itself on the site aggressively.

Architecture: FCC Arquitectura
Engineering: Paulo Oliveira
Builder: Joaquim Luís Teixeira Vieira
Type : Single family Housing
Name project : AP House
Status: Built
Location: Felgueiras, Portugal
Construction schedule: September 2012 – March 2014
Photos: José Campos

House AP By FCC Arquitectura - Sheet3
©José Campos

The building adapts to the natural conditions and grows embedded in the ground, leaving its volumetry hidden and reducing the visual impact of the construction.

It seeks to make the best use of natural factors, opening the house to the west and maintaining much of the land in a natural state. The top of the house is partly buried and full of vegetaion, confusing with the surroundings.

House AP By FCC Arquitectura - Sheet4
©José Campos
  • Implantation area: 452,00m².
  • Living Area: 521,00m².
  • Volumetric: 1460,00m³.
  • Number of floors above the ground level:
House AP By FCC Arquitectura - Sheet6
©José Campos


The house develops on a single floor, only creating a small area on the upper floor that serves as a lantern for lighting the interior of the building and for access to the garden roof. The central zone is the core of the house, where an entrance is located and from where the program is distributed: on one side the private area of the rooms and on the other the common areas. In the center, near the entrance, an office, a garage and services:  laundry,  storage  and  access  stairs  to  the  top  floor  (with connection to the roof).

House AP By FCC Arquitectura - Sheet7
©José Campos

3 bedrooms, 2 of which are served by a shared bathroom and the master bedroom with bathroom and dressing room. The social areas have the kitchen, the living room and a service bathroom.


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