This is a restoration and transformation project of an old farm building (hayloft) with the objective of preserving and taking advantage of its spatial and architectural qualities.

Project Name: Casa G&P
Studio Name: Patrick Genard y Asociados Slp

Casa G&P By Patrick Genard y Asociados Slp - Sheet5
©Patrick Genard y Asociados Slp

The interior volume, the double height, the two large arches opening to a garden-patio-, the two large arches under the roof ridge, the thick stone walls mixed with terracotta pieces…. They have been restored and emphasized with the introduction of more natural light.

In the open space, a simple program consisting of a large kitchen-dining room and a large double-height living room has been implemented. In order to integrate the garden-patio into the built space and make it the natural extension of the interior, two huge sliding glass doors have been used so as to allow greater fluidity between the interior spaces and the exterior. On the upper floor are the suite with dressing room and bathroom-sauna, as well as two studio-libraries in the mezzanine over the great hall.

Casa G&P By Patrick Genard y Asociados Slp - Sheet6
©Patrick Genard y Asociados Slp

In this intervention materials have been used in clear contrast with the existing ones, more tectonic, so that they stand out mutually: micro-cement flooring, white concrete slab, indigo blue plaster partitions, black and blue ceramic floor with random patterns, limestone steps, heavily veined natural oak wall paneling, white painted ceiling, metallic profiles and matt black Formica, tarnished brass fittings, etc.

This has allowed the creation of some very interesting paired contrasts (smooth-rough; light-dark; white-black; gray-colored; veined-uniform; random-regular …) that enrich the project with a lot of personality.

Casa G&P By Patrick Genard y Asociados Slp - Sheet8
©Patrick Genard y Asociados Slp

The seven Velux skylights opened on the ceiling bathe the space with zenithal light. The south facade, originally blind, has been opened to the street with a composition of vertical windows framed in stone and natural woodwork in line with the town’s architecture. To enrich the facade, the entrance door is a recreation of an alchemical door from 1655 from the Vittorio Emanuele square in Rome whose hidden meaning is an allegory of the meaning of life.

On a technical level, heating is ensured by a radiant floor powered by aero-thermal energy, in a clear environmental commitment. In addition, three wood burning fireplaces bathe the dining room, the living room and the bedroom with its radiant energy.

Casa G&P By Patrick Genard y Asociados Slp - Sheet9
©Patrick Genard y Asociados Slp

The interior design emphasizes a warm and diffused light. The furniture uses a range of natural materials similar to those used for the architecture to create a harmonious ensemble, highlighted with bright colors.

In this way,  a giant “Loop” sofa by Arper, decorated with natural silk cushions, structures the living room space and, with its open “U” shape, echoes the mezzanines. The hanging light fixture “Leonardo” of Santa & Cole radiates the living room through its fine interlaced wood ribbons, like a melting sun. Many natural elements tarnished and sculpted by the passage of time (logs, roots, stones …) are featured as sculptures.

In summary, this project tries to preserve the best of tradition and use the best of modernity to create a warm and welcoming space, very open to nature and with a marked humanistic personality.


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