The project proposes the intervention of internal extension and restructuring with an opening modification of the elevations, through the rearrangement and recomposition of the entire building. The property is located in Pordenone, Via Planton civico n ° 19. The expansion is the result of application of the House Plan Law of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region n ° 19 of 11 November 2009, which allows the expansion of up to 35% of the volume.  The original building dates back to the 1960s and has since undergone slight external changes and other more substantial internal ones.

Place: via Planton 19, Pordenone (PN) – Italy
Client: Private
Square Meters approx 500mq
Project: Architetto Filippo Caprioglio, Caprioglio Architects
Collaborator: Arch. Giorgia Massenz
Structures: Ing.Federico Onisto – Ing. Claudio Genero
MEO: Studio Sutto
General Contractor: Stratex Living – wood prefab
Light Designer Guido Granara
Photos credit: Paolo Belvedere

House ML+M+R By Filippo Caprioglio - Sheet3
©Paolo Belvedere

The building consists of a building on two levels, ground floor, first and attic plus basement where the garage accessible from via Planton is located.  The south and north front overlook the portions of the property garden; the west wall faces the blind branch of the street where the pedestrian and vehicular access are located, which will be modified in order to reorganize the entrances to the building more rationally by placing the entrances to the real estate units to the south. The east front, on the other hand, faces Via Planton. The project envisaged the expansion and recomposition of all four facades without altering the current shape of the building except for the south elevation, where an extrusion of the facade was conceived through a window divided on three levels which in any case it is within the projection limits of the previous terrace and consequent covered area. The project, also following a change in internal distribution, saw the rearrangement and recomposition of the real estate units maintaining their typology, recomposing, as mentioned, the substantial aspect of the building through a formal and compositional cleanliness.  This opening and internal partition redistribution operation allows the reorganization of the spaces that are better suited to the needs and functionality of daily living.

House ML+M+R By Filippo Caprioglio - Sheet5
©Paolo Belvedere

The will of the client for a “sustainable” building that would guarantee high-level living comfort parameters have oriented the design choices towards the technology of wooden prefabrication so as to guarantee quality parameters which, combined with the technological plant applications, lead to the consequent energy savings at the highest levels, in addition to the advantages of a light structure that did not bring burdens to the foundations. In particular:  • access to the main real estate unit now located to the south through the new volume of the entrance intended as a mostly “transparent” compass where the main connecting staircase is located, treated in “light”, an architectural connecting element between all levels. The house is also equipped with a small internal lift that connects all floors, from the basement to the second.  • The ground floor therefore consists of the entrance door to the house on the first and second floors and access to the apartment which extends over the entire surface; the unit is divided with living room, kitchen and dining area, bedrooms, double bathroom and closet.  • The entire sleeping area will be reorganized on the first floor, consisting of three bedrooms, two of which are doubles, designed as suites with their own walk-in closet and private bathroom and a service / laundry room. From the master bedroom you can access the portion of the current terrace which is maintained.  • The second floor, on the other hand, highlights the desire to work as much as possible on free surfaces, essentially conforming to two large open spaces that of the living area, to which the study obtained in the portion of the bow window frame and of the kitchen is connected, both of which are large. size. Both are facing the pocket terrace which guarantees a natural spatial perception of inside and outside. The desire to perceptually and visually guarantee a reading of the building “in section” by making the portion of the floor in front of the landing of the connecting staircase that allows you to see all levels of the building in glass should also be highlighted.

House ML+M+R By Filippo Caprioglio - Sheet7
©Paolo Belvedere

Externally the building is in anthracite gray plaster, in a chromatic nuance with the pre-patinated titanium zinc of the roof and the aluminum frames with anthracite finish. In particular, the roof, made up internally of exposed beams, with an external mantle made of titanium zinc plates will have the characteristic of descending for a vertical portion also on the four sides of the building, following the typical European mittle matrix. The solar and photovoltaic component will almost totally occupy the southern aquifer. The type of doors and windows will have different characteristics and dimensions to meet the internal functional needs. On the entire perimeter, both on the ground floor, which is maintained with the current walls, and on the prefabricated wooden one, the external coat was created to guarantee the required thermal insulation.


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