Located in the centre of Oporto, the NSFT Building has a total of 8 floors – 7 above the ground and 1 under the ground -, where there are 13 residential fractions and one store.

Studio: Pedro Mosca & Pedro Gonçalves Arquitectos, Lda.
Website: https://www.pmpg.pt/
Location: Porto, Portugal
Project name: Edifício NSFT
Year: 2021
Area: 673 m2
Program: Housing
Design Team:
Pedro Mosca ([email protected])
Pedro Gonçalves ([email protected])
With the collaboration of João Belo


Nome: ASPP Engenheiros Associados
Name: Sá Machado

PHOTOGRAPHY: Alexander Bogorodskiy

Edifício NSFT By Pedro Mosca & Pedro Gonçalves Arquitectos - Sheet2
©Alexander Bogorodskiy

Given the configuration of the lot – narrow and long – and the technic and regulatory requirements, we decided to concentrate the vertical communications in one central core, assuming one organization of the type front/rear in all of the floors, with the exception of the last floor, where we can find one duplex that occupies the entire extension of the building.

Edifício NSFT By Pedro Mosca & Pedro Gonçalves Arquitectos - Sheet4
©Alexander Bogorodskiy

The apartments have the typology of studios in the intermediate floors, there is a one-bedroom apartment in the inferior floor and a two-bedroom duplex in the last floor. The apartment located in the floor below ground has private access to the garden that occupies the rear part of the lot, as the duplex located in the last floor faces a terrace created by the recession of the building’s front, as well as private access to the to the building’s rooftop that allows for the enjoyment of panoramic city views.

The interiors were developed with the optimization of the available area in mind, by means of designing open spaces that are autonomous and enjoy the entrance light given by the windowed façade. Therefore, the façade design is characterized by big glass panes in order to enjoy its length to the fullest.

Edifício NSFT By Pedro Mosca & Pedro Gonçalves Arquitectos - Sheet5
©Alexander Bogorodskiy

On what concerns the image of the building, it became our quest to create a conceptual approximation to the traditional 19th century Oporto’s houses’ references, particularly: the strong marking of the structural elements of the facade – by marking the vertical and horizontal elements with metallic profiles -; the existence of a central balcony with iron banisters accessed through a door, accompanied by two lateral window; and the use of ceramic tiles to coat the remaining opaque planes of the façade.

Furthermore, the same referential of concepts was used for the rear façade, that was formalized in the balcony as a prolongation of the spaces; the same structural marking described for the principal façade; the glass closure of part of the swung volume; and the use of slates over the opaque planes. We aimed to combine these elements in order to create a rear façade that is formally rich and represents the continuity of the principal façade, ensuring that there was a balance between both facades.

Pedro Mosca & Pedro Gonçalves Arquitectos

The Studio Pedro Mosca & Pedro Gonçalves, Arquitectos, PMPG, founded in 2003, is set to provide all services related to Architecture with the objective of creating spaces of constructive quality, as well as functional and formal. To withstand time with good construction detailing, adequate to the functions it will hold, and with aesthetic value.

The Philosophy of the work developed by the studio aims to integrate the contemporary architectural debate with the unique and specific needs of each client and project. As so the projects are meant to be a comprehensive process framed by the needs and budget of the client, as well as a broader discourse of architectural quality. This translates as the perception of the architectural product as a process that spans from the project to the construction site assistance. This project attitude is meant to guarantee technical efficiency along all the project phases, as a way to assure the success of the project, which is fundamental to the client and to the studio itself.

The studio is focused in the quality of its projects and in corresponding to the client needs and expectations, and has experience in large scale projects and diverse programs, having designed a diverse portfolio of projects, such as schools, dwellings, company offices, houses, senior residences, auditoriums, etc.

As such, PMPG, is a dynamic studio, aware that its success and future lies on the success and satisfaction of our clients, and is committed to the objective of creating a distinctive Architecture that can be qualified as both technically sound and of aesthetic value.


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