Archimedes Penthouse is a project that reveals the client’s personality and taste, through the exposure of the steel structure of the building – which he designed and built. Every steel beam and column is integrated to the design, creating striking visual elements throughout the penthouse.

Archimedes Penthouse
Location: Mexico City
Area: 3,000 sq feet
Interior design: Faci Leboreiro
Construction: Faci Leboreiro
Year: 2019

Faci LeboreiroFaci Leboreiro By PH Arquímides - Sheet4
©PH Arquímides

As the elevator opens to an open living room, a grey travertine wall behind the steel structure is revealed, framing a hand-made metal and wood lattice that works as the background of the chimney.

The sober materials – walnut and oak wood, grey marble, black granite and steel – combine with the monochromatic furniture, designed by local firms and by the interior designers. Every piece of furniture is displayed in an open layout to enjoy the magnificent views of Mexico City’s posh neighborhood Polanco and Chapultepec Park.

Faci LeboreiroFaci Leboreiro By PH Arquímides - Sheet6
©PH Arquímides

The elevator core is covered with wood paneling, and integrates the bar in the lounge area, where the portoro silver marble creates a beautiful contrast with the wine cellar – which is hidden in the steel structure of the building. Hidden doors unfold from the aforementioned core, which give privacy to the family room, therefore having a complete integration of the apartment or the option of separating spaces for more intimacy.

The custom-made round table, specially designed in concrete and glass, together with the chairs by the mexican firm Pirwi, create a relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere for games and entertaining.

Faci LeboreiroFaci Leboreiro By PH Arquímides - Sheet8
©PH Arquímides

The hallway that connects the bedrooms with the social areas emphasizes the dramatic perspective with a grey lacquered ceiling and rhythmic lighting, creating an interesting walkthrough while enjoying the sculpture garden.

The master bedroom was designed to chill and relax- the leather headboard goes along the wall creating a warm vibe in the room. Contemporary furniture and edgy lamps complete this serene space of the apartment. Two sliding doors appear from the TV stand, revealing the bathroom and walk-in closet.

Faci LeboreiroFaci Leboreiro By PH Arquímides - Sheet12
©PH Arquímides

Faci Leboreiro designed and remodeled the penthouse in merely 6 months, thus having the opportunity to design on-site and improve the initial ideas to create a fascinating and original home.


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