Our clients for this northwest facing residence, in Delhi, are members of 3 generation joint family. Built on a narrow 326 sqm. plot, their home faces a busy city road in a dense precinct.

Project: Cleft House
Location: New Delhi, India
Architect: Anagram Architects
Design Team: Vaibhav Dimri, Madhav Raman, Vineet Dhall Site
Area: 3512 sqft
Project Area: 14425 sqft
Civil Contractors: Adhunik Infrastructures
Structural Engineers: Arohi Consultants Other Consultants: ELECTRICAL Electropower
PLUMBING – RN Sahoo & Sons
Site Supervision: Anagram Architects Model-Maker: Inhouse
Initiation of Project: November 2015
Completion of Project: October 2018
Photo Credit: André Jeanpierre Fanthome, Suryan//Dang

Cleft House By Anagram Architects - Sheet4
©André Jeanpierre Fanthome, Suryan//Dang

The design reconciles the acute lack of visual privacy on the site with their desire for an open, light-filled and convivial home that brings together their family and their friends.

Cleft House By Anagram Architects - Sheet8
©André Jeanpierre Fanthome, Suryan//Dang

Our approach steps away from conventional circulation and spatial arrangements, typical to such plotted residences (that share party walls), by considering the built volume as a breached monolith rather than as a composition of fenestrated volumes and surface renders. Faceted and insulated stone facades protect the house from the lack of privacy to the front, and similarly the service areas, en suites and closets are planned at the rear to mitigate southern heat gain.

Cleft House By Anagram Architects - Sheet11
©André Jeanpierre Fanthome, Suryan//Dang

The deep void carved out, bridged at the front and rear on the upper levels, creates a meandering, naturally ventilated and social courtyard at the heart of the residence, pulling in views and balconies from all the rooms of the house. It draws ample light, softened by white and wood surface renders and the rooftop glazing, deep into the basement.

Cleft House By Anagram Architects - Sheet13
©André Jeanpierre Fanthome, Suryan//Dang

The cross-ventilation of the atrium, controlled by operating the windows on the bridges, can be enhanced through thermal stacking in the summer months aided by an evaporative cooler for humidification and through a wind tunnel effect during the monsoons.

List of material used in the project:

  1. Brand / Marble – Stonex India pvt ltd
  2. Brand / Glass and Aluminium – Art-N-Glass
  3. Brand / Steel – TATA Steel
  4. Brand / Wooden Decking – Notion luxury flooring concepts
  5. Elevator – Kone Elevators India pvt ltd
  6. Sanitary ware and fittings – Hansgrohe and Laufen
  7. Door and windows – Metra windows
  8. Furniture – Desiree SPA Italy
  9. Kitchen – Gruppo Euromobil
  10. Lighting – Vizion lighting pvt ltd
  11. Plumbing – Viega and Ostendorf
  12. HVAC – Mitsubishi

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