For a female property owner who honors freedom and sharing and pursues art and fashion, private resort residence needs to be elegant and serene, generating richness and a sense of belonging. Being sensitive to the property owner’s inner appeal and expectation, the designer also faces difficulty in restructuring. The project is an area of 650 square meters, which is a large floor flat formed through knocking two apartments. The fundamental space layout is fragmented, scattered, awkward, and too rigid and tedious. The space is divided symmetrically by four pillars, leading to lack of flow in the interior.

Project Name: Zhejiang Private Penthouse
Design Team: YuQiang & Partners, EK Design
Facebook: Yu Qiang
Instagram: YuQiang&Partners
Twitter: YuQiang&Partner
Soft Fitting Design: PP Design Gallery
Completion: 2021
Project Area: 650 Square Meters
Project Location: Zhejiang Province, China
Photographs: Zhu Di @SHADØO PLAY
Video: ingallery

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Taking into full consideration of functions and environmental protection, the designer did not reorganize structure of the apartment, but divided the functional layout of the space by means of deconstructionism while proceeding from the perspective of creativity and art. Through asymmetric, three-dimensional and curving forms of layout and through rebuilding of structure, light and shadow, and artworks, the space is extended and reshaped, allowing it to become a private space that combines multiple functions of a private resort, such as reception of guests and gathering, exchanges and entertainment.

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  1. Entrance lobby

The broad and bright entrance lobby is like an art gallery basking in natural light. The original artwork on the wooden wall is the million-yuan-worth 3D artwork by the surrealism artist Patrick Hughes, displaying charm and fun of both graphic arts and three-dimensional sculpture. The lively wood paint sculpture by artist Jacky Tsai combines traditional Oriental implication and Western pop color.

The spiral staircase in the entrance lobby contains both sense of sculpture and visual impact: the gorgeous and smooth line and the light dripped through the impluvium being smudged and diffused through the wired glass have injected great vitality into the originally low and dark entrance lobby. The 6-meter-high Bocci glass artwork is like vine extending from the impluvium to the entrance lobby, full of vigor and sense of layers.

Zhejiang Private Penthouse By YuQiang & Partners, EK Design - Sheet9
  1. Living room

The radius of the linear chandelier in the two-story-high living room is 3 meters long. The two sides below the chandelier lie a variety of elegant furniture: beige Moroso main sofa, Cassina oak coffee table, handmade animal-foot-shaped bronze Traccia side table designed by artist Dalí, Gubi blue velvet armchair of retro fashion in the mid 20th century, Boffi wooden armchair and colorful cc-tapis wool carpet.

The linear design behind the sofa serves as the artistic screen, connecting the two-story space, the entrance lobby, the living room and the dining room. The design also serves as supplement to an open and sharing space with layers.

Zhejiang Private Penthouse By YuQiang & Partners, EK Design - Sheet10
  1. Dining room

As the transitional space between the living room and the dining room, the bar-shaped marble table and the dark green stool chairs exude relaxing atmosphere with exquisiteness and modernity.

The chandelier above the dining table is designed by lighting artist Ingo Maurer. The free and swanky white tableware combine in an explosive manner, vertically pointing to the center of the table.

In order to balance space relations and set off a hospitable dining atmosphere, the designer also chose wood paint carved painting with bright colors as decoration.

  1. Tearoom

The oak chairs in the tearoom perfectly complement with the rattan armchair in the living room. The creative post-it chandelier is designed by Ingo Maurer and the long brass table is designed by rock-style genius Tom Dixon.

Behind the wooden wall hides a chess and poker room.

Zhejiang Private Penthouse By YuQiang & Partners, EK Design - Sheet12
  1. Gentle Structure

From the beginning of the “gentle hurricane”, the spiral stair case, the “fragmented” wooden veneer unrolls, redefining the temperament of the space.

The arc-shaped wall plays down the stiffness of the original layout; while breaking the whole into parts, the multiple overlapping, splitting and dividing approach also breathes life into the space; for instance, the background wall of the bedrooms, beneath the impluvium, and behind the wooden veneer of the wine cellar shelf boards, light strips hidden behind the layout all reinforce the sense of “deconstruction”.

  1. Bedrooms

The comfortable bed of primary bedroom is B&B Italia, exemplary contemporary design. The bedside background wall is formed by generally light-colored wooden veneer with the surface being divided into several units differing in size and shape, constituting the meaning of “falling moon and rising sun” together with the round-shaped wall light.

The four suites of secondary bedroom all adopt gentle and elegant warm white color, simple but artistic furniture, romantic and bold carpet.

Mao Hua

Founder of EK Design, and PP Design Gallery
Creative Design Director of YuQiang & Partners Interior Architects Studio
Master’s Degree in environmental art design from Chelsea College of Art and Design

Mrs. MAO is a professional designer with international vision and always bases her works on modernistic design concepts. Combining artistic flexibility and life inspirations, MAO strives to discover a new world of “perfect design”. Her design is characterized by a theatrical and dramatic aesthetics, which brings fun and multi-facet experiences to the space, thus enriching one’s spirit with contemplation.

As a designer, MAO won a variety of design awards, including Silver and Bronze A’ Design Award in 2018, Gold and Silver London Design Awards in 2017, Best Club Design of Idea-Tops in 2016, Annual Exhibition Space Award of The International Media Award in 2017 and 2015, Best 10 of Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards in 2014 and Silver Award of the 14th APIDA in 2006.

Profile of YuQiang & Partners

YuQiang & Partners, founded in 1999, is a studio of interior architects and has been dedicated to building a professional and comprehensive platform for outstanding architects to jointly work for projects. Through sharing information, YuQiang & Partners is committed to updating design concepts, and maintaining the momentum and innovation in design.

After two decades, the firm has become a major architects studio with over 200 members who focused on creative design. The firm has developed an overall design services system of architectural and interior design, soft decoration and engineering, and product agency. It has led design projects in various sectors, such as commercial real estate, public buildings and offices, super-luxury mansions, cultural and tourism, commerce, the health-care industry, intelligent technologies, and so on. For many years, YuQiang & Partners has been working with China’s Top 50 developers, and achieving strategic partnerships with over half of its clients. The firm also delivers over 2,500 design projects in 120 cities across the globe with significant achievements and recognition.

YuQiang & Partners is the first design firm in Mainland China that won the Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards (APIDA), and it also won hundreds of world-recognized design awards. The firm has its constant presence on renowned design media platforms in China and the world, such as Designboom, Wallpaper, Architizer, Archello, Archilovers, Yazer, ELLE Décor, Designwire, DINZ, gooood, and so on.

It is the firm’s core value to “foster infinite creativity”. By upholding the principles of “bring creativity to design, and allow professionalism to all sectors”, the firm sticks to its design philosophy, in order to create design projects that are visionary, valuable, and exemplifying.


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