The Blox House stands on the lands of Mullanpur in Punjab, which is now known as New Chandigarh. In this house structure, simplicity and harmony are the guiding principles.

Location: New Chandigarh, Punjab
Built-up Area: 12,700 SQ.FT.
Photographs: Purnesh Dev Nikhanj
Firm: Garg Architects led by Ar. Varun K. Garg
Structure Consultant: Rakhra Associates

Blox House By Garg Architects - Sheet6
©Purnesh Dev Nikhanj


The Blox house portrays the true meaning of a family which stays together, has a shared sense of unity and togetherness amongst them but also retains freedom of individuality. It showcases how a house which by their functioning seem to be two separate and individual spaces yet also retain the essence of being in sync and connected with each other through their exterior facade.


Blox House incorporates the concept of natural light and ventilation keeping alive the modern-day architectural features of the house. The home’s open floor plan and double height gave the impression that the interior spaces were massive and grand.

The planning approach involves a merging of vertical duplex and back-split planning in relation to its bilateral internal functions. The pictures show how the kitchen, dining hall and living room are all integrated into one space while simultaneously focusing on acoustics and privacy.

Blox House By Garg Architects - Sheet7
©Purnesh Dev Nikhanj

White is the primary colour of the house’s outer walls. It symbolises peace and harmony within a healthy family. The same applies to the colour combinations used in the interior walls that favour the taste and style of the client.

Not only just with the colour but a design touch of modern architecture makes it look eye-appealing at the out. With a touch of contemporary style of architecture, it makes it lively for a person living in it. Furthermore, its interior design would also meet the principles of aesthetics based on the elements used.

This newly built and designed house consists of Double Height Joinery. The charisma of woodwork having partitions that are fixed or movable ones would enhance and double the size of the space. As a whole, it describes the beauty and essence of the house.

Blox House By Garg Architects - Sheet8
©Purnesh Dev Nikhanj

One of the major highlights about Blox House would be its ascending staircase. It’s made in wood and has the same block features imbibed from the planning of the house. The ideology was to give a sculptural element which when seen from a perspective gives off a grandeur look but when used gives a cosy and homely feel.

Well, it not only has that grander look but consists of some impeccable lighting work around the corners of it, making it more illuminated to the eye. In addition, there are corners for experiencing the breathtaking view guarded by glass windows.

Blox House By Garg Architects - Sheet10
©Purnesh Dev Nikhanj

A Vastu-based planning methodology was used to plan all of the spaces.

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