Sun and shade. The photovoltaic pergola is a supporting structure for solar panels that generate electricity for self-consumption in an office and at the same time shade an outdoor rest area for its employees.

Design: Ignacio Borrego (
Developer: Tasvalor SL
Construction: Ignacio Borrego Arquitectos (Ignacio Borrego, Federica Masia, Federico Arca Sedda, Gonzalo Rivera, Héctor Turuhpial y Jonander Rodríguez)
Structure: Ignacio Borrego Arquitectos
Solar installation: Lodeal Energía
Fotos: Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzman + Rocio Romero)
Location: Calle Manuel Tovar 16, Madrid
Assembly date: 2021
Installed power: 8,19 kWp
Footprint 55m2
Shade area 25m2
Weight: 57kg/m2
Total budget: 12.500€

House in Torremocha. Madrid, Spain By Ignacio Borrego Arquitectos - Sheet4
©Ignacio Borrego Arquitectos

Additionally, sun overheating of the roof is reduced. The structure rests on the only four possible points that had been planned on the roof for future installations and is made with light galvanized steel profiles for plasterboard partitions.

House in Torremocha. Madrid, Spain By Ignacio Borrego Arquitectos - Sheet8
©Ignacio Borrego Arquitectos

For its assembly it has been necessary to weld two curved circular tubes of 70mm steel that support the effort of the wind and transfer the loads to the four support points. The rest of the structure is lightweight profiles bolted on site and assembled without the need for any auxiliary means. The whole set is reversible. All joints are removable. The interior furniture of the pergola is also made with the same profiles and recycled furniture.


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