At the heart of Shell House lies an intimate, lush courtyard and pool which can be viewed from both the home gym and living areas on the ground floor.

Studio Name: AlHumaidhi Architects
Design Team: Arch. AbdulAziz AlHumaidhi, Arch. Nehad Kazem, Arch. Amro Saad, Eng. Romeo Azan
Area: 750 sqm (25m x 30m) total plot size
Year: Ongoing Construction works
Location: Abdullah Al Salem, Kuwait
Consultants: AlHumaidhi Architects
Photography Credits: Bside Visuals

Shell House By AlHumaidhi Architects - Sheet1
©Bside Visuals

The upper floors rotate around the garden, which acts as an anchor and pivot point, with pockets of greenery reverberating throughout the house. On the first floor, the master bedroom is oriented to allow views of the courtyard below, while also providing shading for the garden seating.

Shell House By AlHumaidhi Architects - Sheet2
©Bside Visuals

The rotational staggering of the floors in Shell House breaks an otherwise monotonous reading of the house. Each floor is rotated in such a way so as to offer privacy not only from the neighbors, but also from other zones in the house, creating pockets of privacy throughout the home.

©Bside Visuals

Every decision in Shell House shields the heart of the design, a hidden lush space at the center of the home. As one ascends the different levels of the home, each floor is rotated around the axis of the garden, with similar pockets of greenery and outdoor spaces reverberating throughout the house.


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