Ramisera Wilds is a boutique resort project in Ramisera, Uttarakhand, in the Kalagarh Tiger Reserve forest area with a focus on the natural beauty and surroundings and an experiential stay to observe wild life.

Project Name: Ramisera Wilds
Studio Name: Blurring Boundaries
Website: www.blurringboundaries.in
Insta: @blurringboundaries.design

Ramisera Wilds By Blurring Boundaries - Sheet5
©Blurring Boundaries

Our response to such eco-sensitive site was a structure with minimum on-site interference and eco-friendly principles.The structure is an A-frame rest house, a modern ode to the traditional British rest houses with a modern verandah. The metal fabricated structure has been welded on site and is covered using insulated pre-fabricated sandwich panels.

Ramisera Wilds By Blurring Boundaries - Sheet10
©Blurring Boundaries

The view and direction of the glass facades is towards south and north of the structure, protecting the cottage from direct sunlight into the room from the western and eastern sun.

Ramisera Wilds By Blurring Boundaries - Sheet13
©Blurring Boundaries

The internal space is kept simple with the coloured oxide floor to enhance the spaciousness of the cottage and add an element of vibrant colour to the space. The roof panels are kept exposed internally, highlighting the volume of the space.


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