House Beswick is situated in a residential estate within a nature reserve. The land sloped steeply towards the south. The challenge was to place the house within the same contour and at the same time to allow for exposure to true North.

Project Name: House Beswick
Studio Name: Hugo Hamity Architects
Design Team: Hugo Hamity
Area: 285m2
Year: 2009
Location: Meyersdal Nature Estate, Johannesburg, South Africa
Photography Credits: Lisa Trochi

House Beswick By Hugo Hamity Architects' project - Sheet10
©Lisa Trochi

The house plan was designed facing North with a long East-West axis. It is divided into 2 sections, the northern section for living areas and bedrooms, and the southern section for services and circulation.

House Beswick By Hugo Hamity Architects' project - Sheet12
©Lisa Trochi

The roof is divided into 2 parts above the front and back sections. These have different slopes, the front shallower, and the back steeper roof which allows for deep lighting and high up ventilation.

House Beswick By Hugo Hamity Architects' project - Sheet14
©Lisa Trochi

The structure is made of mainly plaster walls with face brick plinth and accent walls, and a laminated saligna timber structure for columns, beams and roof.

The plans of this house are available for purchase from the architect’s website.

Hugo Hamity Architects

Hugo Hamity


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