Vanbros, a legacy in the construction and manufacturing industry, comes forward with a forte in defining and shaping the abstract ideas of a broad clientele into high-fidelity projects and masterpieces. The company’s core lies in its professional consultation in construction, design, and manufacturing of high quality engineered woodwork furniture and decor, along with creating exclusive, elevated, and elegant masterpieces that reflect the nature of their clients and their lifestyles.

Project Name: Kautilya Marg
Studio Name: Vanbros
Written by – Nishita Arora
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Vanbros put together a residence for a prestigious client, who happens to be among the nations’ top industrialists. This mansion is one of the finest establishments crafted by Vanbros. The estate is a magnificent, sprawling property nestled in one of Delhi’s most eminent avenues and was designed in a classical backdrop in collaboration with designers and architects from Italy and France. During the development of the enormous property, these designers worked closely with the team at Vanbros and created a marvelous feat that flaunts a Persian regal air. The Kautilya Marg Mansion, as a result, is an extraordinarily distinctive and exquisite structure in its surrounding vicinity.

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The structure is highly inspired by the baroque style of architecture, which is bewilderingly ornamental and a theatrical version of Renaissance architecture. All of its furnishings, décor and a massive bulk of the interiors have been constructed, keeping in mind this inspiration. The furniture assembled artfully preens this specific style of work and is adorned with intricate carvings and handiwork. Accent pieces of delicate gold and silver leaf work are ingrained on these structures and further crowned with beautiful offset veneers and polishes. The entirety of the arrangement and composition presents a magnificent façade. Still, at the same time, it also holds simplistic value, with some areas being stark and straightforward compared to the overly done-up classical elements. The primary facets display features of gold and silver leafing, extensive hand-carved woodwork, and dominant baroque elements that meld together in a captivating and beautiful brew.

One of the most notable aspects about this project is its entire structure being entirely built wall to wall. The mansion’s entrance is an enormous double-height inviting space without a single beam running through it. This innovative feat was solely possible due to the meticulous planning and remarkable precision that went into the pre-construction phase of the house. Structural engineering was carried out with an extremely high level of detailing involving numerous calculations and technologically advanced techniques throughout the construction process.

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The charming house stands strong with a profound character with exhibits of exquisite C&C cut stone panels on the walls and an offset by a classy Italian marble finish on the floor, which lays out an exuberant and expansive space. The flooring, texture, walls, ceilings, accent pieces, décor, furniture, art, and chandeliers are all tastefully done to complement the interiors’ sweeping openness and extent.

Vanbros entered the construction phase of this project as a seasoned industry veteran. During that time, they highlighted the structure’s excessive usage of columns in its space, and the existing small space was subsequently transformed into a glorious double-height atrium. This was accomplished by seamlessly integrating and hiding metal elements such as beams and columns into the concrete structures of the mansion. The estate, on its exteriors, presents itself as a classical beauty. However, it is an amalgamation of civic and metalwork, which essentially constitutes a marriage between the design language and modern technology and techniques culminating in a finely entwined result.

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Vanbros has invested almost four productive years into planning and mapping the intricate engineering that has gone into the construction of the Kautilya Marg Mansion. They have worked closely with polished designers and architects to aptly conceptualize the house’s décor, interiors, and furnishings while sustaining their focus on the mansion’s exclusivity, which perfectly sets into their client’s expectations and expresses their lifestyle. After spending years constructing, designing, and delivering the best possible structures for its clients, Vanbros has made its name for sincerely investing its heart and spirit into every project it is a part of.


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