The conceptual project of an unusual house, round in a plan, as conceived by the author Evgeny Kashov, is a UFO that fell to the Earth, crashing into the slope of the Seliger Lake shore. An insignificant, but stumbling block was the already existing foundation, which assumed the building in a standard grid of axes, i.e. rectangular or square, but the architect managed to harmoniously fit it into the project.

Ceiling height:

1st floor – 3.15 m
2nd floor – 3.6 m
3rd floor – up to 3.45 m

Technical and economic indicators:

Building area – 420m2
Heated area of the house – 593.6 m2
Terrace and balcony area – 342.1 m2
The total area of the house is 935.7 m2
Studio Name: WA-project
Design Team: Evgeny Kashov
Area: 765m2
Year: 2011
Location: Russia, Tver region, Seliger Lake
Consultants: –
Photography Credits: WA-project

Country House On The Shore Of Lake Seliger By WA-project - Sheet1

Landscaping of the area involves lawn grass planted according to patterns identical to the famous “crop circles”, and provides for the gradual “growing” of the UFO house into the local relief, which will give additional showiness and originality to the building. Over time, the arches, as conceived by the author of the project, should be overgrown with climbing plants that will creep along the “Rings of Saturn”, which will create the illusion of an alien ship “inhabited” by men and accepted by nature.

Country House On The Shore Of Lake Seliger By WA-project - Sheet2

Due to the large relief difference at the building site, the house visible especially harmoniously not only in the horizontal layout, but also in the vertical one. Because the shape of the building is not an ordinary ellipsoid, “grounded” horizontally, but a flying object “fallen” at an angle of 15, the ideal circle of the house in the plan acquires the shape of an ellipse, and each floor receives a horizontal displacement as a result.

When designing a house, the architect carefully considered the configuration of the building and the functional arrangement of the rooms in relation to the cardinal points in order to create optimal insolation and provide the most comfortable living conditions in a non-standard layout. The “Rings of Saturn” encircling the house, due to a certain pattern and the location of the building at an angle, create the effect of blinds, allowing direct and diffused sunlight to pass through as much as possible, depending on the functions of each room.

Country House On The Shore Of Lake Seliger By WA-project - Sheet4

Along the perimeter, the UFO house is surrounded by buttresses, which have the function of retaining walls and create an even greater connection between the “UFO” and the earth. The arches, located at the level of the first floor from the side of the lake, serve as a kind of connecting link between the Earth and space; maintain a balance between an unearthly object and earthly architecture.

Country House On The Shore Of Lake Seliger By WA-project - Sheet7

A well-thought-out non-standard organization of the internal space opens up great opportunities in the design – each of the three floors of the house is individual and carries a certain semantic load. The recreational part is located on the ground floor, includes a sauna, hamam, billiards, and a barbecue area and has access to the lake. The main entrance of the house is located on the side opposite the lake, at the level of the first floor and includes the master’s area, dining and living room, a double-height space in which opens a view of the lake. The guests of the house are provided with the second floor. The extensive covered terraces on each floor can serve as a place for children to play or play sports.


WA-project is an architectural and design studio that brings together leading experts in this field. For more than 15 years, we have been implementing the most daring and interesting solutions under the leadership of Evgeny Kashov, a member of the Moscow Union of Architects, author of private projects for top officials and top businessmen in Russia, as well as a number of extraordinary urban projects all over the world.

They could talk for a long time about their experience, numerous implemented projects of both local and city scale, participation in exhibitions and international competitions, about their creative team. During the work of the studio, they managed to do a lot and are proud of each of our projects, value each employee. Instead, they suggest you to forget about regalia and achievements and go with them into the world of architecture and design, judging not by words, but by the result.

Surely, you have your “own” family doctor or photographer. According to this principle, for each client, they became “your own” architect, confirming the name of the bureau – WA-project (from abbreviated English. With Architect Project – a project in tandem with an architect). In the process of studying the desires and preferences of clients, they have combined architecture and psychology, received a fundamentally new concept of relationships. It found its reflection not only in the company’s slogan – “Psychology of architecture”, but also in the working style of the team.

They are ready to take on a project of any complexity and carry out a full range of works in the field of architectural design, creation and renovation of design, development of public interiors and decoration. For your convenience and time saving, they provide full range of services: starting with the development of a sketch and finishing with the decoration of the completed interior.

Whatever the new project, one thing is invariable: each client is unique, which is why his dreams and ideas about the ideal home or office are also unique. The task of the WA-project is to make these dreams come true, to make your desires their achievements.

Treat yourself to exceptional comfort and the implementation of the most unusual creative ideas together with the professionals of WA-project!

Evgeny Kashov


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