This project is a small collective housing building in the city of Buenos Aires on an urban plot of 8.66 meters wide and 33 meters deep.

Project Name: Donado 4432
Studio Name: moarqs architects
Design Team: Ignacio Montaldo, Arch.
Arch. Collaborators: Oscar Garcia, SofíaTomaselli, Angel Tundis, Christian Dragan, Archs. Rendering: Jerónimo Bailat, Arch. Models: Adele Guerri. Ayumi Oshiro, Archs.
Area: Built Area: 796.39m²
Year: 2017-2019.
Location: Buenos Aires City, Argentine.

Consultants: Structure: German Comas, Eng. Fernando Saludas, Eng. Soil study: Eugenio Mendiguren, Eng. Planialtimetry: Roberto Gieschen, Agrim. Sanitary Installation: Eduardo Gamulin, Eng. Electrical Installation: Daniel Milito, Eng. Lighting: Veronica La Cruz, Arch. Thermo mechanical installation: Hector Parma, Eng. Aluminum Carpentry: Fernando Aragona. Alucon.

Photography Credits: Javier Agustin Rojas
Other Credits: Construction company: EDFAN S.A. Developer: EDFAN Desarrollos.

Donado 4432 By MOARQS - Sheet2
©Javier Agustin Rojas

The project works with an independent concrete structure where columns and beams are hidden in the different wall enclosures such as the dividing wall and the interior divisions that organize the housing units. A vertical patio in the center of the plant organizes the circulation and access from an illuminated space with a tree in the center that will grow up every year and manifesting the cycle of the seasons from the change of color of the leaves. The material and color palette is very simple and seeks the greatest possible continuity between the interior and the exterior.

Donado 4432 By MOARQS - Sheet3
©Javier Agustin Rojas

The search for a flat facade on the urban front produces the incorporation of the expansions into the volume itself by adding another “atmosphere” within the small rooms. These “interior” balconies are distributed in “tresbolillo” to reinforce the proposal of a plan without continuity solution. The façade is completely insulated and then protected with an aluminum cladding that materializes a 15cm deep fabric that reinforces the visualization of the metric of the module that conforms it and proposes a visual composition from the deep shade in the three steps of the balconies and the short shadow of the weft that makes up the lining[1].

Donado 4432 By MOARQS - Sheet5
©Javier Agustin Rojas

The other material with which the project is constructed are the reflections of the large glazed cloths that, far from being transparent, produce a reflective solid that varies all the time with the different types of light they receive throughout the day and are opposed to the deep shadow of the balconies.


Director: Ignacio Montaldo Architect

The practice was informally set up in Buenos Aires in 2004 and it was formalized in 2008. It`s directed by architect Ignacio Montaldo (1975), who has a degree in Architecture, from the University of Buenos Aires (F.A.D.U U.B.A.), year 2003. The practice has a flexible and dynamic working structure, and it is ready to face different levels of commissions and competitive tendering.

Moarqs seek to develop architecture without appearances, an architecture that arises from certain materials conjugated with specific rules, getting more with less, looking for an intensive poetry that conserves resources.


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