The B House rests on a one-hectare lot in Madridejos, Bantayan. With a lot as expansive as this one, the client has requested to use as much space as possible for their home. A circular driveway leads to the house.

Project Name: B House
Studio Name: Arciete + Orillo Architects
Design Team: Kurt Orillo Ivanne Arciete
Area: 495 sqm
Year: 2021
Location: Madridejos, Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines
Consultants: Structural Engineer: Marlon Ralph Catubig
Electrical Engineer: Eugene Declaro
Plumbing Engineer: Dave Robinson Yap
Photography Credits: Arciete + Orillo Architects

B House by Arciete + Orillo Architects - Sheet5
©Arciete + Orillo Architects
B House by Arciete + Orillo Architects - Sheet6
©Arciete + Orillo Architects

The spaces of the house have been designed to sprawl out over the lot. On one wing, there are the living area and the bedrooms while on the other, are the more active zones, like the dining area and kitchen, the family room and the client’s workshop.

B House by Arciete + Orillo Architects - Sheet8
©Arciete + Orillo Architects
B House by Arciete + Orillo Architects - Sheet10
©Arciete + Orillo Architects

In the middle of both wings is an L-shaped swimming pool with a hallway that connects them. The pool also extends in the front, creating a small water feature by the entrance porch. The carpark and service areas are also separated from the main house, taking advantage of the sheer size of the lot. The structure also adds to the wide façade of the house.

Arciete + Orillo Architects


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