Set in beautiful surroundings this elegant home is the perfect blend of modern luxury and rustic charm with a classical touch of architecture, we have named thisc (Duplex)². The name gives an idea about the house, where one duplex is placed over another duplex. This beautiful house is located at Sushant Lok, Gurgaon not only draws the attention of passer-by but can also offer the perfect amount of privacy.

Project name: (Duplex)²
Firm Name: ACad Studio
Sushant Lok, c
Photography: ACad Studio

©ACad Studio

The Design of the house is based on a fresh and modern spin for this adobe with a façade that exudes a strong visual impact. This uniquely styled exterior helps the residence to stand out among its neighbouring buildings. The structure is a mixture of traditional and modern elements.

The basic idea was to create a look of a palace in the surroundings with builder floors, to mark a statement amongst the neighbours. The idea behind the house was to make it a ‘modern palace’ with straight bold lines.

The entire façade consists of groves running in the horizontal direction on the walls. Cornices on the beams in the front and flutes on the column which rests perfectly on the edge of the column, breaking the flutes on the columns. The entire system of grooves and flutes were possible over a RCC structure by dry cladding the stone on it.

The dry cladding was done with 40mm Limestone, which made the formation of groves possible and also insulated the building from harsh weather conditions. Another reason to clad the entire house with stone was to make it more grand.

©ACad Studio

CNC cut stone jallis were placed on the second and fourth floor to break the monotony of the groves on the façade. The columns on the terrace were extended with capital on the top to provide a more palace/fort look, which would complete the huge box structure. The capital on top of the columns are not highly carved but in straight line to complement the design below. The use of walls on the terrace and second floor was deliberate to make the mass more bulky and less transparent, creating an excitement for the structure inside.

Use of modern aluminium windows with sections as thin as 17-25mm was done to maximise the glass surface and not to make it eye catching.

The balconies outside the room were designed to be double height, this was done deliberately so the person standing on the balcony feels like standing on the terrace as there is no overhang above. This was possible as the building is facing east and no harsh sunlight would enter, hence removing the need of overhang. French Windows were particularly designed for the bathroom to mix with the stone groves.

©ACad Studio

Another interesting feature was use of Wpvc Sections arranged in weaved pattern in the ceiling inside, the material selected had a wooden texture and colour to make it eye catching in the bulky stone façade. The design can be regarded as a contemporary building with a classic antiquity with its character that emphasises order, balance, and harmony in its design.

The house anchored well into its surroundings, intensifies the natural spatial experience to its inhabitants, also camouflaging itself from the busy streets. Sleek and suave, this residence is an exceptional move towards revivalism of modern with the touch of traditional design.


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