Idealized in neutral colors and natural materials, as wood and stone for example, the house keeps a simple essence and elegance at the same time. We sought inspiration in contemporary architecture to create integrated environments and value the use of natural materials and coatings. “The idea was to translate the cosmopolitan life, integrated spaces, ideal to welcome people over. Besides that, we decided to add a modern atmosphere which values nature”, says Otto Felix.

Project Name: OF House
Architect Name: Otto Felix Studio

OF House by Otto Felix Studio - Sheet4
©Otto Felix Studio

The main intention of the project was to incorporate the external spaces into the social spaces of the house, bringing nature to the living areas. To enable this integration between spaces without losing privacy in the most intimate areas of the house, the main divisions between spaces were made through slatted wood folding doors. This way we have the option to integrate or not these spaces, according to the needs of the client.

OF House by Otto Felix Studio - Sheet5
©Otto Felix Studio

The main protagonist of the project is the volume that corresponds to the social areas of the house with the Gourmet area, Living and Dining Room. This environment is surrounded by glass panels that open completely, releasing the passage of natural light and ventilation, creating a fluid and contemporary atmosphere. The residence has also a kitchen, dining room, TV room, master suite, guest suite and service area, distributed in a private block in “L” shape, that opens outwards through the wood folding doors.

Another highlight is the landscape project, which includes a biological pool skirting the gourmet área. This natural pool was the starting point for the composition of the rest of the garden, with tropical and lightness air the landscaping values the architecture in which it is inserted. The structure of the house seems to float above the pool, creating the feeling that the landscaped elements were already on site before the construction. In addition, the biological treatment does not use chemicals, allowing the residents to swim with the carps and contemplate nature.

OF House by Otto Felix Studio - Sheet6
©Otto Felix Studio

For the construction, the architect opted for the Light Steel Frame (LSF) solution, a system that doesn’t require bricks and concrete, which are replaced by a galvanized steel structure covered with panels ready to receive paint and coatings. This choice made the construction cleaner and generated much less debris than traditional construction works. The choice for natural and warm materials and coatings, such as stone and wood, also provide better thermal comfort and a much greater sense of coziness. The lighting that prevails on a day-to-day basis is natural, and at night it was designed to highlight details of architecture and landscaping, creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.



We make architecture on a scale from a city to a paper clip. At Studio Otto Felix we think of architecture as an artistic form and a technique at the same time.

The development of our projects is guided by a process that ensures we deliver creative solutions and the level of design that is expected from us.

We start the process by extensive research, a customer profile, a complete description of the project and we take into account the local culture and the relationship with the city, the weather and the surroundings.

We look for the right questions and our multidisciplinary team is focussed on the solutions. Each project delivers a solution and should also tell a story and excite.


Born February 1980, Otto Felix is regarded a reflection of the decade famous as the information age. He started as a DJ at age 13 and at age 18 he was already trained in Los Angeles as a helicopter pilot besides being a visual artist, photographer, stage designer, music producer and event producer.

In 2004 he graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from the University Paulista (UNIP), and has an MBA in marketing from the Getulio Vargas Foundation and specialized in entrepreneurship at Babson college in Boston. During his college years he discovered his taste and talent for marketing, specializing in commercial projects, corporate and retail, which require the study of market positioning.

In 2005 Otto opened the Studio Felix, who besides architecture, work with audio and design as well. Today Otto Felix focuses on exclusive projects regardless of size.


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