The house is located in the green countryside neighborhood of Kfar Hess, this atmospheric orchard house is home to patisserie, her accountant husband and their two children.

Project Name: LNO House
Architect Name:
Architect Oshir Asaban
Area: 540 SQM,
Built: 236 SQM
Year 2019
Location Kfar-Hess, countryside, Israel.
Planning by architect Oshir Asaban

LNO House by Architect Oshir Asaban - Sheet3
©Architect Oshir Asaban

The pair had spent considerable time thinking for the perfect home, and enlisted the help of Architect Oshir Asaban to update, enlarge and revitalize their old home, which occupies the entire ground floor of this imposing residence. “The place hadn’t been touched for several years, and there was a lot to do, but the spirit and the atmosphere were very special: a never ending backyard view that changes its color few times in a year.” Says Oshir.

LNO House by Architect Oshir Asaban - Sheet5
©Architect Oshir Asaban

The Architect works with a few existing walls on the ground floor, enlarge the built area and built a new upper floor for the master bedroom and study area.  He decided to plan an open space public area for the Livingroom, kitchen and dining, with a very open façade to the pool and the backyard. Two suites for the children contain an en-suite bathroom that faces the backyard.

A strong respect for the orchard view was constant throughout the renovation, which sought to view from every corner.

LNO House by Architect Oshir Asaban - Sheet7
©Architect Oshir Asaban

As for the decoration, eclectic is how the Architect describes it. “I chose most of the furniture in collaboration with the client, and mixed contemporary designs with collector’s pieces” he explains. For the opens we chose white wood European windows with a grid to frame the view.

The color scheme is very neutral with touches of green and graphite.

LNO House by Architect Oshir Asaban - Sheet8
©Architect Oshir Asaban

6 meters high bookcase made of brass shelves and graphite wood creates the public space, emphasizes and defines the height of the space and leads you the the upper floor.
When we reach the upper floor, we are getting into a foyer with view to this never ending orchard, and an entrance to the study area and the master bedroom.

Oshir planned the new master floor with a very wide open space for bedroom and walk-in closet, and a very specious bathroom contain a free-standing bath, steam shower and an exposed wood-beam ceiling.

Studio Oshir Asaban

Studio Oshir Asaban specializes in architecture and interior design for hotels, residential and commercial properties (office, exhibition spaces and retail). The studio was founded by Oshir Asaban, graduate of the Architecture Faculty at Ariel University, Israel. The studio is characterized by uncompromising quality, from the interior layout through detailed work plans to unique, minimal architectural details and a rich material palette. Oshir Asaban believes in a complete and customized design which arises from a close familiarity with the client and a deep understanding of his needs.


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