The surrounding nature and the slope dictated the shape of this one family house fully covered in black roofing felt. A darling uncompromising design was the starting point for the development of this villa in Nacka, just outside Stock- holm.

Client: Småa Hus
Architect: pS Arkitektur
Responsible architect: Peter Sahlin
Project architect: Leif Johannsen
Assisting architects: PS Arkitektur AB
Kvarngatan 14
118 47 Stockholm
08 702 06 30

Villa Blåbär By pS Arkitektur - Sheet2

The house was created during a number of workshops with the client,where different volumes were tested in models and several site visits.

Villa Blåbär By pS Arkitektur - Sheet3

It resulted in a narrow and extended house that sits at the very top of the site, hovering on concrete blocks over the rock. The house is fully covered in roofing felt on both roof and facades to give a calm and uniform black exterior, that contrasts with the crispy white interior.

Villa Blåbär By pS Arkitektur - Sheet4

Wardrobes, lighting and sockets are inset in walls and ceilings to give an even and clean look. The different functions within the house appear according to a hierarchy, moving from public towards the private;  from the garage, entrance, then kitchen, living room and farthest away bedrooms and bath.


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