The project is composed of a new-build pavilion and a refurbished industrial space. The interior provides large open spaces for the display of artwork, and loft-style living accommodation, while the roof terrace enables views over Shoreditch.

Project Name: Gallery Loft
Architect Name: William Tozer Associates

Gallery Loft By William Tozer Associates - Sheet3
The top-floor pavilion accommodates a bedroom, living space and a bathroom inside a timber-clad volume.

The spaces are loosely divided by blade walls and volumes finished in timber veneer, and black and white paint finishes. The floor of each level appears as a single, continuous plane of white-dyed timber.

Gallery Loft By William Tozer Associates - Sheet6
While finished in timber rather than aluminium, the staircase that connects the two floors of the project is reminiscent of Donald Judd’s arrayed Stack installations.

Clad in the same material, an open-riser staircase connects these two floors, and is presented as an installation alongside the collection of paintings—its form referencing the Stack works of Donald Judd.

Gallery Loft By William Tozer Associates - Sheet9
A high-level mirror—above the line of vision of a viewer—doubles the perceived size of the space, while also reflecting natural light from the open-rise staircase and the adjacent frameless glazing on the level above.

Natural light penetrates deep into the project due to the open-plan arrangement, a pedestrian-loaded light-well, the stair void, and a high-level mirror. The walls are illuminated by gallery track lighting, while background lighting is provided by wall-mounted flood-lamps.

William Tozer Associates

WILLIAM TOZER Associates is an award-winning practice headquartered in London, England. The practice has broad experience, including in housing, office, retail, and hospitality sectors, and has worked on projects in the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand. Their work is particularly indebted to the practice of early-twentieth century Viennese modernist master architect Adolf Loos, on whom practice founder William Tozer completed his doctorate at the Bartlett.

Tozer Associates understands architecture as compositions of abstract sculptural form and space, and discrete functional ‘furnishings’ at various scales. Each project curates and re-frames the context and history of its site, and captures the open-endedness of the processes of demolition and construction.

Their projects make sculptural compositions of volumes and planes, loosely dividing open-plan spaces into zones of use through their alignments and misalignments, changes of floor and ceiling level, and continuities  and  distinctions  in  the  selection  of  materials,  lighting,  and  other  fixtures  and  fittings. Experiencing their finished architectural projects gives users and viewers a sense of engagement with the processes  of  conception,  demolition  and  construction  that  are  usually  erased—a  form  of ‘action architecture’, giving formal and spatial expression to contemporary craft processes, including writing and drawing.


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