This is the second restaurant of the Flora chain, whose interior we took care of. The building in which it is housed was completely transformed to get the vision that the restaurant currently has. The restaurant is on 2 floors and has a spacious garden.

Interior Studio: EXTRAVAGANCE design
Interior Designer: Nikoleta Krasteva
Location: Sunny Beach, Bulgaria
Object type: Restaurant

– Floor 1 – 366 m2
– Floor 2 (Terrace) – 170 m2
– Garden – 832 m2

Flora by EXTRAVAGANCE design - Sheet3

Many living plants were used in the interior concept, including in the garden, which has a significant area.

There is a separate corner in the garden with illuminated furniture, which further enhances the attractive look.

Flora by EXTRAVAGANCE design - Sheet5

An innovative solution is the used faucets from the ceiling above the sinks to the toilets in the restaurant. The effectively designed ceiling is complemented by suitable lighting fixtures. Waste bins are hidden behind the paneling, and hand dryers are positioned behind the mirror.

A special selfie wall has also been created in the garden, which is in tune with the feeling emanating from the interior of the restaurant.

Flora by EXTRAVAGANCE design - Sheet7

Dielectric mirrors are used in the covered part of one of the walls. Above the bar, the lighting is designed to create a reference to the waves of the sea.

On the second floor, the ceiling is stepped and seems to merge with one of the walls, on which there are almost invisible flush doors.


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