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It stems from the memory that the brand founder lived in the lane playing basketball since he was a child, and the hollow sound of basketball has become the origin of the brand name Phew. Thanks to this simple joy, phew hopes that every young person who loves sports can be simple, pure, decent and confident. Say architects was entrusted by it to build the flagship offline store in downtown Hangzhou, which is open to all citizen.

Owner: phew
Status: Completed
Year: 2022
Area: 90 sqm
Address: Shihu Bridge Road, Hangzhou, CHINA
Project Type: Business Space
Interior design: say architects
Partner in charge: Yan Zhang , Jianan Shan
Team:Yixuan Zhang
Space photo: Wang Minjie
Construction team: Hangzhou Youban Decoration Co., Ltd.
Furniture Making: Zhejiang Nuoyin Home Furniture Co., Ltd.

Phew Offline Store by say architects - Sheet4
©Wang Minjie

The courtyard of the lane on the street

The design concept unfolds as a “lane traveling”, where pavement tiles are laid into the interior of the venue, making the interior space a natural part of the street and a lane in the neighborhood. Phew’s open door creates an open, free and relaxed state for the outside world, unlike traditional commerce.

Both pedestrians and community residents can walk into the space naturally along the sidewalk, and the space materials and props in the room also come from the memory of the lane.

The entrance to the lane is an traditional track door bar, while the real entrance is pushed back by 1.2 meters. The semi-open grey space becomes a small yard, which is also an area where every household used to take their own stool out to chat.

Phew Offline Store by say architects - Sheet6
©Wang Minjie

collage lifestyle

Four “small houses” are placed inside the space, which perform the functions of coffee, fitting room, warehouse and bathroom. They do not come into hard contact with space but exist in the structure with stitches. It is often said by the elderly that it is another year for repair. Random splicing of plywood, functional blocks on the outside, and the shape of the house with rounded corners jointly build the life form of the old base.

©Wang Minjie

A sense of ritual rising in the evening

The lifting hangers on both walls are like the clothes hangers that protruded out of the balcony in the past, and descended during the day as a clothing display. After the store was closed, they all rose, accompanied by the switching of lights, which happened to be a large art installation. The daily changes in display make a subtle difference in this artwork, which is the rigid demand of life and the art of life.


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