Wanna, a creative, strategic, independent and multidisciplinary studio, presents its latest comprehensive branding and interior design project. “Bienvenir”. A four-star hotel, located in an old rental house on Madrid’s Gran Vía, that promotes a new travel philosophy.

Project: Hotel Bienvenir
Author: Wanna
Comprehensive project Market and trend audit Brand strategy
Naming. Branding
Interior design. Furniture design.
Functional signage and graphic design in spaces On-site interior technical assistance

Location: Gran Vía, 56. 28004 – Madrid
Period of work: 2019 – 2021
Floor Area: 2.467 m2
Photo: Caulin Photos

Hotel Bienvenir By Wanna - Sheet3
©Caulin Photos

With the democratization of travel, the whole world has become available to us. However, it seems that we have lost along the way the art of traveling, immersed in a race against the clock to accumulate kilometers, cross off cities and get likes. A race that was beginning to awaken ethical dilemmas and movements against tourism. And that has only been slowed down by the pandemic.

While we were in our homes, cities were blooming. The skies were clearing. The pandemic confirmed what we already sensed: to keep on traveling unbridled is unfeasible. The blow to the industry has been terrible. Without going any further, the opening of this hotel has been delayed by a year. But the pandemic has also reinforced the strategic and conceptual approach under which Wanna concei- ved “Bienvenir” and from which it created its brand identity.

Hotel Bienvenir By Wanna - Sheet8
©Caulin Photos

Because the naming “Bienvenir” explicitly shows the purpose of this new hotel: to welcome newcomers with open arms, courtesy and affection. But this invented verb, which could well be included in the dictionary, also refers to the art of arri- ving well to a new place: with kindness, mindfulness and respect.

For the construction of the visual identity, the studio has chosen Noto Sherif. A condensed font in just the right measure, like a perfectly fluffy pillow, that pre- sents balanced strokes that breathe modernity with just the right touch of classic elegance. While the brand values (closeness, friendliness, humanity) are reinfor- ced by a secondary calligraphic font.

Hotel Bienvenir By Wanna - Sheet10
©Caulin Photos

The corporate identity is condensed in an imagotype starring the B. This is remi- niscent of the initials that the architects of the building, Vicente García Cabrera and Jesús Carrasco Muñoz, might have embroidered on their shirts. But it also resembles a passport stamp that is stamped on all communication media, both physical and digital.

The visual universe of “Bienvenir” is completed with antique illustrations in fine lines and a contrasting color palette: blue, black and white from certain protec- ted elements of the building (stained glass, light fixtures, marble), with pink and mango, which were inserted to bring freshness.

©Caulin Photos

For the functional signage, the universal language of geometric figures has been chosen. Part of the signage is made of brass to reinforce the hotel’s classical heritage. The other is chromatically integrated into the space in which it is located. Finally, Wanna has applied the brand’s storytelling in the space, through friendly and inspiring messages in Spanish to enhance that feeling of local and maintain consistency with the history of this art deco building, so typical of Madrid.


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