This small building is a shop on the south-facing slope in a mountains resort area.

Studio Name: Uchida Takahisa Architect Design Office
Floor Area: 85 m2
Year: November, 2009
Site: Kokonoe Vil. Kusu Oita Pref. JAPAN
Photography Credits: Uchida Takahisa
Other Credits: None

Senomoto gabri By uchida architect design office - Sheet2
©Uchida Takahisa

This structure is a simple wooden one-story structure, and U-shaped volume that looks floating is the characteristics of the facade.

Senomoto gabri By uchida architect design office - Sheet3
©Uchida Takahisa

This volume has the function of “framing” the outside scenery seen from inside this shop.

©Uchida Takahisa

This U-shaped volume shuts off unfavorable landscape elements (power lines, traffic signs, etc), and individualize favorable scenery.


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