GRUNER&FRIENDS presented their project to the local community in Locarno onTuesday January 21st at the PalaCinema Locarno.


Our 5-star resort project in Ticino was revealed to a full house at the lovely Palacinema Locarno! “We would like to create a hotel resort as a new, permeable village that integrates into the existing structure of Monte Brè. The resort will breathe new life into the entire village and strengthen it as a whole. Our vision is to generate a center, featuring village-like qualities to serve the local population as well as the hotel guests”, explains the founder, Patrice Gruner.

Project Name: BORGO MIRANDA 5-Star Hotel Resort l Locarno l 9 000 m2

Patrice Gruner, Founder CEO
Bianca Arciero, Architect
Panagiotis Dimakidis, Architect
Lewis Booth, Architect
Rahul Girish, Architect
Tom Benson, Architect
Calvin Sin, Architect
Sunwoong Choi, Architect

Client: Aedartis AG
Consultant: Gruner AG
Authorities contact: Aldo Cacchioli
Advisor: Marco Broggini

BORGO MIRANDA 5-Star Hotel Resort l Locarno l 9 000 m2 By GRUNER&FRIENDS - Sheet2

This 5-star hotel resort has 17 hotel suites and 53 hotel apartments, two restaurants, bar, spa with indoor and outdoor pools, bakery, café/bar, conference rooms and kids club. It sits on a 1.4 hectare mountainous site perched up above Locarno.

Currently, the village of Monte Brè consist of single houses dispersed evenly across the landscape, without a nucleus to connect them.

BORGO MIRANDA 5-Star Hotel Resort l Locarno l 9 000 m2 By GRUNER&FRIENDS - Sheet3

The village of Monte Brè is situated on a mountain ridge above the towns of Locarno and Ascona. It enjoys views towards the south over the Lago Maggiore.

The cosy hotel lobby displays a breath-taking view of the surrounding landscape. The lobby opens up to a generous plaza with a vast pool and extends towards the spa below.

The central piazza spans from the coffee house to the event hall and hotel, down to the spa. It opens up to the magnificent view down below to the Lago Maggiore.

BORGO MIRANDA 5-Star Hotel Resort l Locarno l 9 000 m2 By GRUNER&FRIENDS - Sheet4

It is a  square for the locals, guests and passers-by alike, and it will host community markets, local events, café and restaurant terraces.

Integrated clusters of buildings occupy the slopes above and below the piazza. Their design is driven by the vernacular houses of Ticino -with their brilliant modularity and straightforward layout.  Each of our hotel apartment is calculated combination of different room-modules.

BORGO MIRANDA 5-Star Hotel Resort l Locarno l 9 000 m2 By GRUNER&FRIENDS - Sheet6

The hotel apartments differ in orientation and elevation, yet they are unified by their tripartite façade – stone plinth, wood slats and gneiss roof – inspired by the historic houses of the Bavona Valley.

The units are seamlessly integrated into the natural landscape of the site. Their slopped roofs recall the neighbouring buildings whilst adding a touch of uniqueness through their asymmetry.  A total 70% of the site will remain green, punctuated only by the permeable paths meandering between the hotel apartments.


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