Nhow London is a truly bespoke design hotel, fusing artistic interventions with eclectic narratives creating an assault on the senses. NH offered the vision of ‘Old London Reloaded’ which was interpreted as a playful concept referring back to the traditions of the city while looking forward to a disruptive technical future.

Project Name: Nhow Hotel
Studio Name: Project Orange
Location: London
Year: 2021

Nhow Hotel By Project Orange - Sheet2
©Project Orange

The ground floor is the colourful social hub featuring the Big Ben Rocket sculpture, a bright yellow concrete bar and a sensuous curved reception desk. Eclectic groups of colourful furniture sit on pixelated rugs, while around the LED fire place a dynamic explosion of timber boards creates the snug. The restaurant is a disruptive version of a traditional public house, or pub, where a green leather banquette snakes around the whole edge of the room. Huge gold bell lights, reminiscent of the famous city church bells, gently illuminate the space while the central column is lit by a pixelated mesh of lights.

Nhow Hotel By Project Orange - Sheet4
©Project Orange

The basement is inspired by the iconic London Underground. Here the yellow and black graphic theme is derived from the platforms and tunnels, as an arched corridor leads through to the WC’s and gymnasium. While upstairs the guest corridor has been designed as a theatrical evening walk along a London street, the carpet strewn with rose petals.

Inside the rooms there are defiant and colourful textures mishmashed to create a memorable alternative version of London. The parquet floor has highlights of Pillar Box Red which is echoed in the bathroom wall clad in glossy Victorian ‘Anaglypta’ textured wall paper. The wardrobe doors have a microchip pattern cut into them, while the regal bathroom door is gold. The giant bed sits on top of a punk Union Jack rug, behind which a concrete textured wall is adorned with a sprayed on graphic of the Queen.

Nhow Hotel By Project Orange - Sheet6
©Project Orange

Overall the aim of the hotel is to elevate a guest’s stay with an unexpected and playful London experience, inspiring them to explore the city. Vivid storytelling captures the concept of ‘London Reloaded’ which is interpreted though a radical series of theatrical vistas. The public areas are fluid spaces connected though a narrative that transforms familiar London icons into dramatic and playful installations.

Key to the final design was our unique relationship with the Jealous Gallery where we collaborated on developing the art. Rather than shopping for existing artwork, together we generated a story that connected all the pieces and installations together. Working through computer modelling the integration of artwork was critical to the design experience. Once complete Project Orange collaborated with the Gallery and Print Studio in Shoreditch to turn the ideas into a reality.

Nhow Hotel By Project Orange - Sheet8
©Project Orange

One of the key pieces in the lobby is Big Ben Rocket Men. Anchored to the ground but leaning at thirty degrees, Big Ben is blasting off into space with a cloud of acid yellow bubbles. The piece provokes a visceral reaction as its precarious trajectory points skywards fusing past, present and future.

Design by Project Orange. Commissioned through Jealous. Made by Rogue Product.

There are over 16 separate bold and original art projects throughout the hotel, all of which create a point of difference and contribute to the design experience.

James Soane – Director Project Orange, London (Designers for Nhow London


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