Designed as a sister restaurant to The Commune Group’s celebrated Hanoi Hannah restaurants, the brief for Firebird called for a bold yet approachable space with a hint of nostalgia, ultimately elevating Hanoi Hannah’s narrative to create a new identity.

Project name: Firebird
Studio Name:  Ewert Leaf
Project size: 436 m2
Site size: 500 m2
Project Budget: $1100000
Completion date: 2020
Building levels: 1
Location: Windsor, Australia
Photography: Jana Langhorst

5116 Firebird by Ewert Leaf: Sheet 1
Bar Counter ©Jana Langhorst

An eclectic mix of finishes, textures, patterns and colours create the warm and inviting Firebird atmosphere. A bar pavilion is inserted along the Eastern edge, finished with burnished tiles and a coloured glass canopy.

5116 Firebird by Ewert Leaf: Sheet 2
Sitting Space ©Jana Langhorst

Brickwork dividers create definition between dining areas, animated with pendant lights and projections, while the activity of the grill is framed by glass louvres; a subtle nod to the streetscapes of Vietnam.

5116 Firebird by Ewert Leaf: Sheet 3
Interior View of Bar ©Jana Langhorst

Firebird is the outcome of a multidisciplinary collaboration between food, design and brand. Through cross pollination between various disciplines, innovation can thrive. Firebird offers a unique and dynamic experience that takes patrons on a sensorial journey which meanders through rich layers to reveal the story of the operator and who they are.


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