The Resort is located in the Northern province of Lori, in the vicinity of the Smart Center, the only structure that marks its scenery (designed by Studio Paul Kaloustian and completed in 2018).

Project Name: Loor
Studio Name: studio paul kaloustian
Client: Shahen Melikyan
Architect: Paul Kaloustian
Location: Debet – Armenia
Type: Hospitality
Date: 2019
Area:1500 m2
Team: Shoghag Ohannessian – Nathalie Fatte  – Viken Khatcherian- Josee Kim Arbajian – Karen Madi
Structure: Tigran Khachiyan
MEP: Mangassarian
Renders: Carl Gerges

Loor by studio paul kaloustian-Sheet2
©Carl Gerges

The program consisting of a restaurant, reception and lounge, a SPA with an outdoor pool and 20 suites. Outdoor activities will include open air lounges, bars, movie screening and others.

Loor by studio paul kaloustian-Sheet6
©Carl Gerges

Each suite of the resort enjoys a direct and independent entrance and opens up to the uninterrupted visual bond with the mountains. The units are meticulously scenographed to create a new landscape that becomes a hybrid of nature and architecture. The resort is immersed in the landscape becoming an integral part of it.

Loor by studio paul kaloustian-Sheet7
©Carl Gerges

These units embody the randomness of trees or rocks in nature without preconceptions, This is reflected by the fragments forming a loosely defined yet articulate pattern of forms under a thin roof that seems to be lightly placed over them.  The rooms allow for shaded areas in between communal outdoor spaces that have a friendly human scale, that nevertheless open on their sides to the widely spreading landscape.

Loor by studio paul kaloustian-Sheet9
©Carl Gerges

By freeing the reinforced concrete canopy of the roof from the volumes underneath, an unexpected visual fluidity and lightness is achieved. The strive is to impregnate the visitor with a desire to experience nature, to make them effortlessly discover new perspectives within the landscape and to reveal a world of poetry and sensitivity.


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