My idea of the museum is to create a museum complex. The complex will be the central attraction of the area.
The main theme of the museum – oil production is disclosed in several thematic sections: sources of oil, study the mysteries of the Earth’s crust, oil production, leisure and entertainment.

Participant  Name: Alsou Sharifullina
University: KSUAE
Country: Russia

Museum of oil By Alsou Sharifullina - Sheet1

The concept envisages the phased commissioning of the individual building blocks. The first building on the ground level, placed service infrastructure and visitor reception area – offices, dressing rooms, toilets, museum shops, etc. Beginning with the first level and above – History Museum “Time Spiral”. On the last level of the body – administrative premises.

Museum of oil By Alsou Sharifullina - Sheet2

All the spaces of the museum building, available to visitors, have a relaxation area, appropriately furnished terraces where you can relax and unwind. There are children’s playroom and playground.
The museum is divided into “active” and “inactive zone”. “Active Zone” includes exhibition, exhibition halls. So-called “dead zone” – a long transitions between rooms spacious corridors, stairs or ramps. In the “inactive” area of the intermediate space \, where the visitor is reconfigured and resting.

Museum of oil By Alsou Sharifullina - Sheet3

All spaces and levels connected by escalators, lifts, comfortable transitions. All the spaces of the building guarantee accessibility for people with disabilities. The central building has a central office and associated inputs and transitions with the adjoining buildings. The transition from one section of the museum, and the museum in another must create the feeling that the visitor enters the different “worlds”. The principle of an invitation to an online visitor familiarization with museum exhibits is the main museum for the entire space. Exhibits include a variety of interactive elements and multimedia equipment, which allow visitors to feel like pioneers, explorers, travelers.


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