PSJ is an architectural masterpiece conceived with deep respect for history and its surrounding environment. Located in relation to a small plaza, this small white chapel stands as a testament to elegance and simplicity, with pure lines and a harmonious connection with the external landscape.

Project Name: PSJ
Location: Córdoba, Argentina
Year of Construction: 2023
Year of Project: 2022
Project: Esteras Perrote
Execution: Esteras Perrote
Client: Private
Type of Project: Refurbishment
Area: 40 m2

PSJ by Dominguezfotoarq - Sheet6

The initial commission for this project was to reclaim an ancient crypt and transform it into a chapel, a place for gatherings and contemplation. The decision was made to preserve the original structure, and through careful restoration, the historical essence of the site was recovered. As part of this process, the interior of the old crypt was completely emptied, creating a void that serves as a meeting place, a connection between the street and the plaza, a threshold between life and death.

The fundamental idea was to connect the street with the plaza, creating a seamless and meaningful transition between spaces. As visitors traverse the chapel, they are invited to experience a sensation of transcendence, as if crossing a threshold into the sacred and spiritual.

PSJ by Dominguezfotoarq - Sheet8

The architectural design focused on maintaining simplicity and purity of lines, allowing the chapel to blend harmoniously with the surrounding landscape. The white and minimalist exterior of the chapel contrasts with the greenery of the aguaribay tree, creating a captivating combination of natural and architectural elements.

Upon entering the chapel, visitors encounter an interior void, an uncluttered space that invites meditation and contemplation. The smooth white walls reflect the natural light entering through strategically placed small openings, creating a serene atmosphere.

PSJ by Dominguezfotoarq - Sheet9

A key element of this chapel is its connection with the exterior landscape. Large windows frame views of the aguaribay tree, allowing nature to blend harmoniously with the interior space. On sunny days, sunlight filters through the tree’s leaves, creating a play of light and shadow that accentuates the spirituality and connection with nature.

In summary, PSJ is a small architectural marvel that bridges the past with the present and embraces the beauty of its surroundings. With pure lines, an interior void, and a meaningful connection with the external landscape, this chapel stands as a sacred space for gatherings and reflection in the heart of the plaza, under the shade of the aguaribay tree. It is a place that invites stillness, a connection with the essence of life, and a discovery of peace within the embrace of nature and architecture.


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