A Regal Oasis: Sawai Design Studio Unveils the Majestic World of Nilesh Bhatia’s Boutique

In the heart of Raja Park’s bustling Fashion Street, a design marvel has taken root—the flagship store for acclaimed fashion designer Nilesh Bhatia. Heir to the legacy of his father, Narendra Bhatia, in the Golden Drape business of decor fabric, Nilesh’s studio stands as a testament to Rajasthan’s rich cultural heritage, seamlessly blending old-world charm with contemporary allure.

Project Name: Nilesh Bhatia Store
Total Area: 1327 sq.ft.
Location: Raja Park, Jaipur
Type: Commercial Interior
Duration of Project: 8 Months
Lead Designer: Sawai Design Studio
Instagram User id: @SawaiDesignstudio
Photography Credits: Studio Bluora
Project Description: Minal Singh
Photography Instagram user id: @Studio Bluora

Nilesh Bhatia Store by Sawai Design Studio - Sheet8
©Studio Bluora

The eight-month journey undertaken by the visionary team at Sawai Design Studio was nothing short of extraordinary. Tasked with capturing the opulence of Rajasthan’s traditional architecture while maintaining an inviting atmosphere, the studio successfully transformed the client’s desire into a tangible masterpiece.

Step inside, and you’re transported to an era of royalty and charm. The boutique’s color palette, a harmonious blend of teal and white with delicate touches of gold, creates an inviting ambiance. Glass door closets, appealing wallpaper, and a central open area provide ample space for customers to explore and select their favorite pieces, while strategically placed mirrors enhance the perception of space, utilizing high-gloss paint to create reflections.

Nilesh Bhatia Store by Sawai Design Studio - Sheet9
©Studio Bluora

The double-height entrance captivates visitors, seamlessly connecting the exterior with the interior. Described by the studio’s designers, Gaurav Sharma and Suresh Kumawat, as a commercially designed space focusing on minimalism and modern aesthetics, the boutique serves as a canvas for fashion that transcends time.

Behind discreet arcades, essential elements like changing rooms, storage, and stairs are subtly concealed, allowing the true magic of the studio to unfold. Bridal, couture, modern, and vintage collections are showcased within arched niches, exuding an air of timelessness. Jharokhas, reminiscent of Rajasthan’s traditional architecture, add a unique touch, with a movable metal stand in perfect harmony with the interior curves.

Chandeliers, paying homage to Jaipur’s rich traditional architecture, adorn the space, intricately woven into every corner. Despite challenges, such as the boutique’s considerable distance from the road, the team ingeniously addressed them by incorporating huge double-height arches with clear glass, making the store visible from afar.

The true heart of the space, according to the designers, lies in the transition from the reception area to the inner display area. The interior, designed with minimalism at its core, showcases the expertise of Sawai Design Studio, led by architects Gaurav Sharma and Suresh Kumawat, in delivering a store that seamlessly marries aesthetics with functionality. In the heart of Fashion Street, the Nilesh Bhatia Boutique stands as a regal oasis, inviting patrons to experience the allure of Rajasthan’s cultural legacy in a space that is nothing short of spectacular.

Nilesh Bhatia Store by Sawai Design Studio - Sheet10
©Studio Bluora

About the Designer: Sawai Design Studio, an avant-garde architectural firm hailing from the vibrant city of Jaipur, was conceived by the dynamic duo of architects, Gaurav Sharma and Suresh Kumawat. Graduates of the esteemed Poornima University, Jaipur in 2019, their journey has been propelled by the mantra “Evolve together, Evolve more.” For them, architecture is not merely an individual’s imagination but a force that shapes the skyline of an entire city, elevating it to larger-than-life proportions. As the creative minds behind the breathtaking design of the Nilesh Bhatia Boutique, Gaurav and Suresh have showcased their unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of architectural excellence.


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