From graceful curves to dynamic configurations and unobtrusive frameworks, the U-lite polycarbonate canopies embrace a lightweight design that empowers designers to unleash their creative instincts, resulting in striking and functional structures that not only surpass design objectives but also cater to user requirements. The sleek and refined profile of the glazing panels bestows the U-Lite system with a sophisticated aesthetic reminiscent of glass, yet without the associated premium cost.

Client: Disney Cleo Parking Structure
Challenge: Create an architecturally compelling way to protect guests at Disneyland Resort.
Results: Now when guests arrive and leave the 6,500-space parking structure, they are greeted with a “garden” of translucent polycarbonate canopies that sprout up around the entry/exit escalators. The canopies protect guests from the elements while still allowing for a bright and welcoming space underneath.
Product: U-lite polycarbonate canopies
Architect: Pacific Architectural Concepts (Found here:
BACKGROUND: Disneyland caters to more than fifty-one thousand daily visitors, making the provision of sufficient, secure, and easily accessible parking an indispensable aspect for the renowned theme park. The conception of the Disney Cleo parking structure aimed to fulfill these requirements while embodying enduring, imaginative and inviting architectural elements that seamlessly align with the distinctive Disney brand identity.
CHALLENGE: Disneyland is a realm of enchantment that appeals to all, and safeguarding the enchanting atmosphere is as vital as the allure of its renowned amusement parks. Every Disney parking facility is meticulously crafted to fulfill ecological objectives and elevate the holistic visitor journey. In conceptualizing the fresh Cleo parking edifice, Pacific Architectural Concepts sought an architecturally invigorating approach to shield visitors from the elements and contribute to a biophilic blueprint, all while aligning with Disney’s ecological aspirations.
SOLUTION: In the Cleo Parking Structure, the design team seamlessly integrated Kingspan Light + Air’s U-lite polycarbonate canopy systems.

Disney Cleo Parking Structure by Kingspan Light + Air - Sheet2
©Kingspan Light + Air

The U-Lite system’s user-friendly simplicity, combined with its employment of lightweight materials, facilitates swift and uncomplicated installation. Moreover, the inherent flexibility of the glazing material ensures durability, as it remains resilient against impact without the risk of shattering, thereby extending the system’s lifespan and contributing to a reduction in the overall environmental impact of the facility.

©Kingspan Light + Air

RESULTS: Empowered by the utilization of Kingspan Light + Air’s U-Lite canopy system, the architectural team achieved the feat of crafting a façade reminiscent of a woodland at each entrance escalator.

Presently, as visitors enter and depart the expansive 6,500-space parking facility, they are welcomed by an assemblage of translucent polycarbonate canopies that mimic the appearance of a blossoming “garden” enveloping the entry and exit escalators. These canopies not only provide shelter from the elements, shielding guests from the sun and rain, but also ensure a luminous, sunlit and inviting atmosphere underneath, fostering a sense of warmth and hospitality.


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