What is the source of a city’s vitality?

From the very beginning of urban planning, the objective of commercial projects is to fulfill various functions and cater to the diverse and complex needs of different users. To rejuvenate a city, designers must immerse themselves in real urban life in order to comprehend the intricate and diverse urban context. They then proceed with meticulous renovation and construction.

Project Name: Fuzhou Vanke Yantai Mountain walking block commercial packaging
Project Location: Fuzhou, Fujian
Design Scope: About 1510 linear meters
Client: Fuzhou Vanke
Client’s Design Management Team: Zhang Xingding, Xiao Wenqing, Ruan Yongjin, Xiang Hai, Meng Jin
Business Scene Design: Fun Connection Design
Master Plan: China Academy of Urban Planning & Design, Urbanus Architecture & Design, Vanke Urban Research
Architectural Design: Urbanus Architecture & Design, Shanghai trii architect.inc, Lacime Architects, HCD Shanghai
Landscape Design: Design Land Collaborative Ltd, Lab D+H
Photographer:Archie, ZY Studio

Fuzhou Vanke Yantai Mountain walking block commercial packaging by Fun Connection Design - Sheet4
©Archie, ZY Studio

The Enchanting Creation of a Lively Atmosphere

Streetscape design, as a crucial element of urban community spaces, encompasses all aspects of human daily life. If a road carries the memories of a city, whether it be nostalgic childhood memories or the modern face of a smart city, street life is intimately linked to urban prosperity. It serves as a prominent showcase of a city’s cultural significance, directly reflecting its level of civilization and cultural connotation.

Situated at the tail end of the ancient city of Fuzhou’s traditional central-axis-based sequence, Vanke Glamourevival’s Yantai Mountain enjoys an unparalleled geographical advantage, surrounded by the north and south ports of the Min River. This location preserves the original ecological space where Chinese and Western cultures merge. The fully open commercial block of Yantai Mountain unravels a chapter that connects the past and the future along the Min River.

Fuzhou Vanke Yantai Mountain walking block commercial packaging by Fun Connection Design - Sheet5
©Archie, ZY Studio

With years of experience in streetscape design, Fun Connection retained the original block form of Yantai Mountain while undertaking a community streetscape transformation that focused on facade renovation, visual updates, landscape renewal, and commercial building wraps. This old building complex with a rich history reconstructed the streetscape of the old block by enhancing and transforming the ambiance, guiding urban renewal and restoration, boosting the vitality of urban public spaces, and addressing practical business challenges.

Following a well-crafted storyline, a progressive route was planned, offering a block-style business street that exudes a natural sense of openness and freedom, inviting consumers to relax, unwind, and enjoy leisurely moments.

Fuzhou Vanke Yantai Mountain walking block commercial packaging by Fun Connection Design - Sheet6
©Archie, ZY Studio

Moreover, the captivating themed block provides consumers with an immersive experience, transporting them through time and space, where they can feel the fusion of historical and contemporary elements. Additionally, the lively and vibrant block, brimming with a literary and artistic atmosphere, welcomes individuals from various circles, injecting fresh vitality and charm into the business scene by combining the old with the new and intertwining history with the present.

What does a vibrant and active life look like?

As Chinese writer Wang Zengqi once stated, an alive and active life resides in the taste of food.

The most vivid and simple thing in this world is the aroma of cooking, wafting through the bustling streets. The fragrance of coffee and meandering through the streets and alleys exemplify the vivacity of a slow-paced, active life.

In an increasingly hollow and aging society, it is crucial to preserve and transmit the distinct local cultural identity through social memory. Yantai Mountain acts as a new “place of cultural memory,” constructing a social field for everyday life.

Fuzhou Vanke Yantai Mountain walking block commercial packaging by Fun Connection Design - Sheet7
©Archie, ZY Studio

By creating themed commercial scenes and visual harmony, Fun Connection establishes a diverse and dynamic social space using symbols, flags, and logos to fulfill the daily social needs of different groups, such as the elderly, children, and tourists. The introduction of key visual elements directs attention and forms a collective memory with local characteristics.

The creation of progressive scenes and the narrative approach, establishing order and rhythm, develop a visual perception where movement and tranquility harmoniously coexist. At times, it may be lively; at other times, it may resemble a leisurely stroll, or an avenue of exploration. These various scenes and vibes provide businesses with distinct emotional experiences.

Here, the linearly extending streetscape around the main path axis becomes the focal point of circulation throughout the area, igniting a sense of romance, imagination, and emotion. Remaining true to the initial design.


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