The South extension of New Delhi gets a new colour identity in “yellow”. It stands out from the cluttered cityscape in a bright pop of yellow that becomes the voice of the brand “Heriitage” and all of its haute couture.

Project Name: “Heriitage”
Project Location: South Extension, New Delhi, India
Area: 1500 sq. ft.
Design Leads: Deepak Kalra, Aarushi Kalra
Design Credits: I’mX, the experimental arm of I’m D’sign
Photography Credits: I’m D’sign
Project completion: August 2022

Heriitage by I’m D’sign - Sheet2
©I’m D’sign

The name comes to strike a visitor’s eye with a neon-lit flag signage, whereas the colour-encased glass storefront takes over the statement and looks like it is all set to sing the prelude of Yellow by Coldplay.

The pop-up retail takes a dip in the yellow hue– from flooring to interior decor, checkout counter and shelves–that revives the happy shopper inside every visitor, with the sunny character of the colour. The yellow mellow tickles the senses in a bold statement, whilst providing a vibrant monolithic backdrop that enables the clothes take the centre stage.

Heriitage by I’m D’sign - Sheet3
©I’m D’sign

The hide and seek of simpler, cleaner lines leave the visitor afloat in the yellow continuum. The spatial shell may not have a meaning in itself but gives meaning and importance to the objects it encases.

The playful dynamic of this limited time pop-up’s retail experience comes forth to hum along:

I came along
I wrote a song for you
And all the things you do
And it was called “Yellow”
-Yellow by Coldplay

Heriitage by I’m D’sign - Sheet5
©I’m D’sign

The whole of the space talks about the colour personality of yellow—its mood and muse—to give a contemporary edge to the retail regularities in a place as evolving as New Delhi.


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