The HF supermarket was born from a very close analysis to the constraints of the place. The specificity of the place in terms of its accentuated topography, proximity to national roads, influence of a power transformer station and the positioning of a medium voltage pole within the lot itself, directly affect the project options. As this implies proper regulation, the design process turns to be more complex.

Architects: WAATAA_we are all together around architecture
Location: Mortágua, Portugal
Design team: Rita Cantisano Diz, Lucas Cantisano Diz, Miguel de Gouveia André
Year: 2018
Area: 1866,05 m2

HF Supermarket by WAATAA - Sheet4

In addition to the constraints of the place, the preliminary program provided by the client complemented by the typology of the building itself, together with the predetermined constructive characteristics, supports the idea of the proposed architectural project.

Capturing all these conditions, synthesizing them in the project, improving functionality issues and discerning about options that differentiate the building from the rest, the idea is to make it a local point of reference.

HF Supermarket by WAATAA - Sheet6

The building gathers the volumetric and constructive base of industrial technologies, but it searches in the disposition of the facades its own identity. Strong diagonals and the use of common materials but with different colors and textures, visually dematerialize the large-scale volume. The visual autonomy of the upper volume is still accentuated by balanced areas in the tops that mark the two accesses to the building, both the service and the general public access.

HF Supermarket by WAATAA - Sheet9

The aim is to transform a simple routine visit to the supermarket into a pleasant experience, not only for the quality and diversity of the products but also for the sensations provided by the characteristics of the building itself.


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