Oversized pastel colored changing rooms with matching monochromatic furniture define the atmosphere of the concept store Garderoba designed by BIRO. Located in Zagreb’s Design district, this concept store invites you to a leisurely shopping experience.

Architects : BIRO
Project team : Saša Košuta, Mario Kralj, Dora Lončarić
Product design : Grupa
Visual identity : Lana Cavar, Narcisa Vukojević
Concept of ‘Garderba’: Ana Ivančić
Photography : Jure Živković
Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Project year: 2017
Website: biro-biro.com

Garderoba Concept Store2017 By BIRO - Sheet2
©Jure Živković

The concept store Garderoba (wardrobe, clothes, walk-in closet, changing room in Croatian) is built on the philosophy of slow-shopping. Brought to Zagreb by the owner Ana Ivančić, this experience is meant to last longer than usual shopping, during which one spends time looking through new lookbooks, trying on clothes, having coffee (or champagne) with friends, consulting with the in-house stylist and overall – relaxing.

Garderoba Concept Store2017 By BIRO - Sheet4
©Jure Živković

The interior that follows this philosophy is designed by the architectural office BIRO (Saša Košuta, Mario Kralj, Dora Lončarić). Three oversized wardrobes define the atmosphere of the store, their soft shape, materials and colors hold strong contrast to the store’s minimal and neutral base. Each wardrobe has its own color theme (yellow, pink and green) that is applied to everything inside the wardrobe and gives it unique character. The overlapping curves of the curtain allow customers to arrange the wardrobe in regard to their preferences – a smaller sized wardrobe for single and intimate shopping or a large one that fits a whole group!

Garderoba Concept Store2017 By BIRO - Sheet5
©Jure Živković

A flexible system of hangers spreads across the whole space and enables the store to host different types of events and shows in addition to slow-shopping. This system also enables each collection to be presented in a different manner in compliance with the collection’s specific character.

Designers at Grupa (Filip Despot, Tihana Taraba and Ivana Pavić) have specifically designed the furniture pieces in accordance with the store’s overall interior concept. The products (coffee tables, chandeliers, free-standing mirrors, seating benches, and stools) are located inside individual wardrobes and follow their color schemes. The Baluna pendant lamp, with its telescopic arm that enables height adjustment, is the studio’s newest item designed for the Grupa Products Baluna line. Several Monk chairs, designed by Grupa for the Prostoria manufacturer, are also used in the interior.

Garderoba Concept Store2017 By BIRO - Sheet8
©Jure Živković

Garderoba’s visual identity, designed by Lana Cavar and Narcisa Vukojević, is based on the store’s concept of flexibility and spontaneity. Also following the main color scheme, it translates to a playful curve interpreting the stores curtains and soft fabric folds on clothes.


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