The store has all the hallmarks of a minimalist Nendo design. This functional space is inspired by an art installation, in which the shoes are definitely the main focus. “We’ve created a new concept for large Camper stores based on the idea that “the shoes are walking on air”.

This is an idea that had been developed for smaller Camper stores in places like Osaka, Paris, San Francisco and Moscow.

Architects: Nendo
Location: New York City, New York, USA
Year: 2013
Photographs: Jesse Goff

© Jesse Goff

When designing such a big space you have to face the challenge of how to use the upper half of the walls to display the shoes in areas with such high ceilings. Our new approach involves making white resin models of the Pelotas shoe, one of Camper’s most iconic styles, and decorating the walls with them to fill the space and create the feel of an orderly stockroom.” NENDO

© Jesse Goff
© Jesse Goff

Over a 1000 replicas have been used to fill up the space There is also a special area for the brand’s first socks and bags collection. The bags collection has been created in collaboration with Dai Fujiwara (ex creative director of Issey Miyake).


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