1. What is i2P Center?

This project stems from enterprise’s idea to create an innovation center/showroom in a brand new platform that is to be a “Market back” while building showroom/workshop that allows customer to involve with product development and customization since needs, experiences, and problems from customers are highly taken in to account to achieve products that truly hit the target.

Architect: Autchawin Architect
Interior designer: Decus
Landscape designer: Kernel design
Area: 7,000 sq.m.
Year: 2018-2020
Location: Map Ta Phut, Rayong, Thailand
Photography Credits: Jedsada Siripoonsub

DEEJ Campus, China By 5+ Design - Sheet14
©Jedsada Siripoonsub

In this facility, a prototype can be produced unlike a traditional showroom which customer could only choose from those that is already available, which might not check all the boxes in their mind. That is the reason why the architecture itself need to convey sense of future, promote imagination and idea, and also innovation inducing, and accommodates every group of user and support teamwork.

i2P Center By Autchawin architect co ltd - Sheet2
©Jedsada Siripoonsub
  1. Project’s main structure

i2P Center consists of 2 parts, i2P (Idea to Product) in the front and ADC (Application Development Center) in the back. All products to be produced in this project will mainly be made of plastic. Starting from i2P, majority of activities in this zone would be a cooperation with customer to innovate, design, and develop product that truly answer to their need (make idea). Then carry on to ADC part where a prototype is made according to information from i2P (make product) and develop further to meet the large scale of production.

i2P Center By Autchawin architect co ltd - Sheet6
©Jedsada Siripoonsub
  1. Project’s main detail

i2P Center is considered a Large-scale building (according to Thai’s building regulation). A 3 story building with approximately 7,000 square meters stands on a 18,015 square meters plot of land where 68% of open space are spared to be large green area and providing parking more than required by regulations.

i2P Center By Autchawin architect co ltd - Sheet8
©Jedsada Siripoonsub

Although the i2P project is in Industrial estate, but the site is not far from the east perimeter that connects with a local community nearby. Therefore, a design with environmental concern is crucial.


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