A boutique studio for TPL Lighting, intimately curated within an elegant heritage home in downtown Toronto.

Project Name: The Adelaide Project
Studio Name: Clarisa Llaneza Studio
Project size: 1810 ft2
Completion date: 2020
Building levels: 2
Location: Toronto, Canada
Photography: Josh Geelen

5045 The Adelaide Project by Clarisa Llaneza Studio : Sheet 9
Exterior View ©Josh Geelen

The Adelaide Project is a first-of-its-kind collaborative lighting studio, demonstration centre and workspace for TPL. Located in the intimate setting of an elegant heritage home in Toronto’s vibrant King West neighbourhood, The Adelaide Project seeks to create an intimate approach to experiencing and learning about today’s most innovative lighting solutions.

While The Adelaide Project is, at its core, a collaborative presentation center and curated lighting showroom, there are so many other functional uses of the space. It can be used as a venue for events, art shows, speakers, shared workspace, photography studio, etc.

5045 The Adelaide Project by Clarisa Llaneza Studio : Sheet 5
Kitchen ©Josh Geelen

The intent is for The Adelaide Project to become a hub for the design community – a space that provokes thought and inspires conversation.

The intention is to rotate the lighting, as well as furnishings, art, and decor on a quarterly basis. The overarching design goal for the space was to invite people to come in and make themselves at home, and to achieve what traditional showrooms lack – character and context.

Aesthetically, we kept the overall design simple, giving a nod to the classic elements of the Victorian home in a way that complements current, more minimalistic designs.

5045 The Adelaide Project by Clarisa Llaneza Studio : Sheet2
Meeting Room ©Josh Geelen

We envisioned a space that would be both sleek and graphic, raw and refined, a blank canvas with personality.  Functionally, we envisioned a space that would allow for the flexibility to rotate products in and out of the studio frequently. To do this, a tremendous amount of work went into the electrical and lighting design.


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