We always fight for bringing natural light into interior design in order to offer the space relaxed, comforted, stable, calm and even sometimes excited in our habitat. Enhancing these characters of interior space for the hotel design is needed. Especially, excitement is a crucial character to attract visitors most and the key that we would like to use in our design.

Project Name: CAVaTURE
Architecture Firm: TheeAe Limited
Project Year: Under Construction to be completed in Oct. 2020
Area: Net Floor Area 7,000sf
Project Location: Da Nang, Vietnam
Photographs: TheeAe LTD.
Manufacturers: Barissol  Ceiling

©TheeAe LTD.

Where the hotel located is one block away from the famous local specialty, Marble Mountain. It would be an interesting and exciting element if we can resonate a character from it.

©TheeAe LTD.

In this regard, we employ materials that express the sense of nature that Marble Mountain could offer through the interior space. They are natural light that seeps through every gap and the stone that is seen through the reflection of the light to the cave wall.

©TheeAe LTD.

We translate them into white paint and stretched ceiling light to express the natural light, and dark granite stone and bronze metal, the wall of the cave. Overall, the use of these materials, we believe, are the way to offer the mood of cave in Marble Mountain.


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