Juun.J, a designer of brand Juun.J says “Black is the color that symbolizes Juun.J, and the most beautiful shadow of intangible existence is also black.” It is right. Black is a magical color. The attraction of mysterious black color which absorbs all the light is expanded further at Juun.J Dosan Flagship Store, and gathers and impresses the people. The all-black Juun.J Flagship Store shows heavy force without any superfluousness from its geometric appearance.

Project Name: Juun.J Flagship Store
Architect Name: WGNB

Juun.J Flagship Store By WGNB - Sheet3

The concept to dominate the entire space is just ‘Dark Matter’. Designer expressed achromatic shades with the sense of depth, as if he were an artist, as an emblem that doesn’t show the darkness simply but symbolizes the darkness related to the light and the value of Juun.J. “The brand Juun.J has a modern and strong image like black color. I unfold an element of darkness in order to express it as space.

In fact, light and darkness have inevitable relationship. I think the darkness exists by light and the light lies within the boundary of another upper category of darkness. So, I can say that the concept of Dark Matter is a mass created in the darkness.” The designer found the value of Juun.J Flagship Store which would be completed only from the black color. Therefore, the objets hung and floating here and there were arranged, and the various images of darkness created by them were expressed. In other words, the density of darkness produced by plants placed at certain intervals from the ground shows the natural darkness and its colorfulness nothing can make.

Juun.J Flagship Store By WGNB - Sheet5

While the darkness is a big axis which reveals the atmosphere of Juun.j Flagship Store thickly, the simple sense of form perceived in darkness, that is geometry, creates an internal and external appearance. “It is motivated by ‘In Praise of Shadows’ of a Japanese writer Tanizaki Junichiro. In this book, the writer tells about oriental residence. He says that the shade is created by a fence built on the ground covered by an umbrella of roof, and a house is constructed in the dark shade. Inspired by it, I set a concept of ‘simple geometric form in the darkness’, and designed a building by combining triangle, square and circle in order to meet it” Felt Coffee and Juun.

J Collection divided into the first and the second floor exist in the variation of darkness and geometry. Sharing the concept of Juun.J, Felt Coffee is created to make the identity of Juun.J experienced perfectly, by gathering people and making them stay. On the other hand, the first floor, the only floor finished with white color displays women’s line and collaboration products, which is distinguished from the second floor occupied by the men’s line.

Juun.J Flagship Store By WGNB - Sheet6

While the white matter property of high glossy material on the first floor plays a role of putting more emphasis on the darkness, the second floor produces a harmonious sense of rhythm with tangible and intangible objects. The darkness formed naturally by intangible shadow of tangible objects hung in the space of geometrical structure, makes an attractive look. Juun.J Flagship Store is a space which reveals various sense of colors kept in the darkness.

Juun.J Flagship Store By WGNB - Sheet7

The darkness derived from the materials studded with black and the floating objets shows the color like deep darkness. The darkness derived from the materials studded with black and the floating objets shows the color like deep darkness, and also sticks out a gray face with light. The three-dimensional shape of the smooth geometry without any unnecessity seems to express the value of Juun.J as it is in the space, as if it were tempered in the color of darkness.


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