Parametric architecture is based on algorithmic thinking. The dimensions of design are considered and then converted into parameters i.e. made variables which turns up a plethora of design options. This design is not only geometrically pleasing but it also helps to solve visual, perceptive, material, and structural issues. Parametric Design is the architecture of the 21st century and has become a way of encoding knowledge and intent into the design which makes it more reliable, adaptable, and cheaper. It constantly enables architects to push their boundaries of what they can do with contemporary technology.

10 Architects practicing parametric architecture in India - Sheet1
Parametric Architecture ©

1. Sanjay Puri Architects | Parametric architecture

10 Architects practicing parametric architecture in India - Sheet2
Sanjay Puri Architects ©

Sanjay Puri, founded Sanjay Puri Architects in 1992, which has today become one of the most renowned architectural firms in India. Sanjay Puri’s philosophy is all about evolving innovative design solutions that are in line with the context, contribute to sustainability, and revolutionize visitor experience. He has been a speaker and judge at numerous international architecture events and won 140 international awards. The firm has an extensive design portfolio ranging from interior projects to large urban scale projects in the fields of hospitality, commercial, residential, retail, entertainment, and educational facilities.

2. Nudes 

10 Architects practicing parametric architecture in India - Sheet3
Nudes ©

Nudes, a Mumbai-based firm, founded by Nuru Karim, works within the realm of cross-disciplinary cultures of art, architecture, and computational design. The firm uses digital “making” tools to address larger social, cultural, and environmental networks. Nudes’ philosophy is all about asking the right questions more than finding answers and solutions.

3. Ant Studio | Parametric architecture

10 Architects practicing parametric architecture in India - Sheet8
Ant Studio ©

Ant Studio, founded in 2010 by Monish Siripurapu, ponders upon the intersections of art, architecture, and design with the sole motive of bridging the gap between craft and machinery that embraces all spheres of art, architecture, technology, and materiality blending with nature. It is a research-driven studio emphasizing on material exploration and advanced tools that tether labor-intensive construction techniques with technology. The studio pushes for Designs that go beyond functional and aesthetic concerns that create an affiliation between built and nature.

4. sP+a 

10 Architects practicing parametric architecture in India - Sheet7
sP+a ©

sP+a, founded by Sameep Padora, is a Mumbai-based firm that believes that India’s vast socio-cultural environments require diverse means of engaging with varying contexts. The studio actively engages in research, collaborations, and collective models of practice rather than isolated individual formats. Type, Program, Design and Building processes are submissive to the immediacy of each project’s distinctive frame of reference.

5. Firki StudioParametric architecture

Firki Studio ©

Firki Studio is an award-winning Noida-based architectural firm that constantly pushes boundaries to provide innovative solutions in services ranging from graphics, furniture, interior, architecture, and landscape design. The studio explores different materials and experiments with new ideas. They provide an open platform for cultivating a design-centric work culture and partner closely with clients to design spaces that are culturally rooted, economically viable, and attuned with nature. Customizing spaces that identify with the user is their driving force.

6. Formforge 

Formforge ©

Formforge, founded by Abhinav Goyal in 2005, operates within the realm of custom design and digital fabrication specializing in art, engineering, and construction of technically challenging and complex projects. The firm creates designs and installations using computational methods followed by digital optimization. The team comprises practical inventors who design soulful and interesting places that embrace and celebrate complexities of the real world.

7. Studio Symbiosis

10 Architects practicing parametric architecture in India - Sheet4
Studio Symbiosis ©

Studio Symbiosis, founded by Architect partners Amit Gupta and Britta Knobel Gupta in 2010, got renowned across the country in a very short period and has won various prestigious awards and recognitions. The firm believes in integrating the complexity in design with the principle of inclusion which results in an amalgamated design with a high level of sophistication.

8. Andblack Studio | Parametric architecture

10 Architects practicing parametric architecture in India - Sheet5
Andblack Studio ©

Andblack Studio, an Ahmedabad-based firm is founded by Kanika and Jwalant Mahadevwala. Andblack Studio believes in designing the process that leads to a ‘solution’. The principal architects constantly challenge themselves to rethink processes and achieve energy efficiency that deploys intelligent systems and makes use of natural materials smartly. They draw inspiration from complex interactions in nature.

9. RatLab

10 Architects practicing parametric architecture in India - Sheet6
RatLab ©

Ratlab, founded by Sushant Verma and Pradeep Devadass, is a Delhi-based independent research organization and a network of designers and researchers from the UK, USA, Europe & Asia who specialize in computational design. It offers collaborations to architecture and design firms to develop sustainable models using advanced computational techniques and carry out agenda-specific research in various fields of design.

10. MakeSpace Architects | Parametric architecture

10 Architects practicing parametric architecture in India - Sheet9
MakeSpace Architects ©

MakeSpace Architects is an Indore-based design firm founded in 2019 by Naina Reddy and Rajat Sanghvi. Their designs cater to the world of change in architectural thought process with the subtle merger of technology and creativity that enables the team to explore imaginative ideas. The firm’s design approach is end-to-end and each solution provided is a culmination of research-based design. Their design philosophy is all about “Minimalism” and the strong use of materials to create defining projects and experiences.


Simran Bajaj is a Mumbai – based architect. She graduated recently in 2019, worked for a while and is pursuing an MBA now. She is a vibrant girl who loves narrating through her writing. Architecture is her passion but writing makes her feel stronger.