Triennale Milano 2022 presents Unknown Unknowns: An Introduction to Mysteries with Polish Pavilion dazzling with Terracotta Pots

Triennale Milano 2022 is the 23rd edition of the international exhibition with Salone del Mobile. Milano as its institutional partner. The events take place every three years and the program spans from exhibitions to special featured projects and events all geared towards promoting and interpreting each edition’s theme.

Wooden Matrix Installation With Terracotta Pots for Polish Pavilion revealed At Triennale Milano 2022 - Sheet1
1-Unknown Unknowns_©

The theme for this edition is Unknown Unknowns: An introduction to Mysteries, expressing the theme, curated by the Triennale Milano team majorly through two major curators, Astrophysicist and Chief Diversity Officer at the European Space Agency (ESA) Ersilia Vaudo who curates thematic exhibition and 2022 winner of the converted Pritzker Architecture Prize Francis Kéré who curates the exhibit and the “Yesterday’s Tomorrow” installation influenced by Afro-futurism a perfect fit to the edition theme.

With their combined experience, this edition puts Triennale Milano 2022 at the focus of design conversations and further exemplifies the institution’s values of being a connector of interchanging ideas in the industry of design and architecture through the conversations, debates by curators, artists, architects, designers, scientists, varsities, and audience from around the world above 600 works, 23 international participation also featured is the African continent, represented by 6 national pavilions which are Burkina Faso, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Lesotho, Kenya, and Ghana.

Wooden Matrix Installation With Terracotta Pots for Polish Pavilion revealed At Triennale Milano 2022 - Sheet2
Greenhouse Silent Disco – Polish Pavilion, _©

The exhibition will commence from the 15th of July to the 11th of December, 2022, to promote international participation by opening up to perspectives, experiences, cultures, and disciplines through critical approaches, points of view, utopia, and pragmatism. Different exhibitions were on display and the Polish Pavilion dazzled as it aimed to interpret the theme of Triennale Milano 2022.

The Adam Mickiewicz institute in cooperation with the Museum of Architecture in Wroclaw showcases the Greenhouse Silent Disco installation at Triennale Milano 2022 international exhibition. Greenhouse Silent Disco is designed by Barbara Nawrocka and Dominika Wilczyńska of Miastopracownia, an architectural firm.

Wooden Matrix Installation With Terracotta Pots for Polish Pavilion revealed At Triennale Milano 2022 - Sheet3
Greenhouse Silent Disco – Polish Pavilion, _©

The Polish Pavilion reveals a wooden matrix installation called Greenhouse Silent Discos using terracotta pots. The theme of the 23rd edition is unknown unknowns: An introduction to Mysteries – an invitation to explore the things we don’t know yet that we don’t know, through exploration of the unfamiliar with our ideas and to open new horizons of sustainability. 

The installation at the Triennale Milano 2022 deciphers the perception of plants in a futuristic greenhouse. It draws attention to the intelligence of plants as we journey to ecological well-being while being drawn to explore the legacy of Romanticism and the innovations of today’s digital technology. 

Wooden Matrix Installation With Terracotta Pots for Polish Pavilion revealed At Triennale Milano 2022 - Sheet4
At both exterior Małgorzata Devosges-Cuber and Michał Duda, curators of the Polish Pavilion, together with exhibition designers Barbara Nawrocka and Dominika Wilczyńska [Miastopracownia Architectural firm]_©
The Polish Pavilion is curated by Malgorzata Devosges-Cuber and Michal Duda, with their varying experiences, the pavilion has a set of sensual, emotional, and corporeal or physical approaches to nature alongside the integration of modern technology all in a bid to respond to the theme by pushing the boundaries of the perception of plants as static and passive organism deciphering the quiet language of arboreal vegetation, as a complex and mysterious ecosystem. The installation is powered by research.

Questions by the installation explore: Have we ever stopped to wonder what plants have to say to us? Or what they need? What input can they give us in rethinking the ecosystem for the benefit of the plant kingdom, along with ours?

Greenhouse Silent Disco is a wooden structure inspired by natural unevenness (fractals). The plants are placed in handmade terracotta artisanal pots, which are multiplied to infinity by the reflective glass walls. It is an intriguing environment, with guests fully absorbed by the plant life surrounding them, alongside their discussion in light and sound. It showcases the constant oscillation through plants’ growth and the Triennale Milano 2022 event seasonal weather against the notion of nature as static and perfect. 

Wooden Matrix Installation With Terracotta Pots for Polish Pavilion revealed At Triennale Milano 2022 - Sheet5
Greenhouse silent disco 23rd triennale milano_©

The installation Greenhouse Silent Disco is the greenhouse of the future, with verdant vegetables, equipped with digital sensors that capture through various stimuli the reactions of the plants. Human movement in the installation is included in the stimuli along with changing external weather. LED lights and sounds are generated from these reactions leading to a change in color from blue-red and white. Plants interact through the excess light received with the system though not for photosynthesis (chlorophyll fluorescence), exemplifying the second aspect of the installation which deals with innovations through today’s digital technology.

The first aspect of the installation evokes Romanticism, the ideological and erudite matrix through the exquisite communication between the guests and plants. The installation is being presented during the Polish year of Romanticism, celebrating Adam Mickiewicz, a great poet and writer on the 200th anniversary of his publication “Ballads and Romances”. 

Polish pavilion 23rd triennalemilano _©

Humans have a choice to listen to plants. Their sensory capabilities are beyond our imaginations, which is the ability to feel, assess gravity’s force, and identify the electromagnetic fields’ intensity, humidity levels, and slight vibrations, they communicate within their species and different species.

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